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Resume Workshop Presentation

No description

C Rush

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Resume Workshop Presentation

1. One size does not fit all.

2. Don't worry about an objective or "qualifications summary."

3. "Space equals importance."

4. Avoid complicated fonts or designs.

5. Quantify whenever possible.

6. Check your resume for errors of fact, typos or omissions. Then have a peer review it.

7. Omit unnecessary information.

8. Size matters - keep it limited to one or two pages. "The Only Resume Advice You'll Ever Need."
-T. Seinfeld Activity: Review a partner's resume to see if they could use any of Forbes' tips! *Instead of including an objective,
think: "cover letter." 1. Is this resume specialized for a specific position?

2. Is there an objective or "qualifications summary?" Would you consider it exclusive?

3. Are the sections organized with most important content at the top?

4. Is it free of complicated fonts and design?

5. Can any descriptions be quantified?

6. Review the entire resume for typos and clarity

7. Does the resume include any unnecssary information? (Race, age, sex etc.)

8. Does all of the content fit onto one page? (Two if references are included) Formatting:

Writing and Style: Break up headings with a single space. Break up paragraphs with a single line of space. Three lines of space Space for your signature Keep formatting aligned to the left Single spaced Single spaced, 11pt or 12pt font

Line of space between headings and paragraphs

Bold subject line

Keep everything aligned to the left

Use standard one inch margins Content:

Limit length to 1 page -Use audience analysis
-Taylor cover letter for specific companies
-Professional yet personal tone Contact Info

Company Info Refer to the position being applied for in the subject line
Use recruiter name if you can identify it Introduction:
Program overview and purpose

Include program and work related experience that highlights strengths relevant to position being applied for

Succinctly restates your main purpose, why your skills align with the company and what you plan to do now that they have received your information Break up headings with a single space. Break up paragraphs with a single line of space. Single spaced Space for your signature Keep formatting aligned to the left Three lines of space Cover letter content check: In pairs, trade cover letters and review for the following:

font size
alignment and spacing
headings and content

Review for content:
Closing 10 minutes Bold Text Resume Check List Using the presented concepts, review a partner's resume for the following:
Use of space
Font and style

* Look for descriptive words that stand out! (Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy, 2012) 10 minutes Questions? Questions? Questions? Questions? Questions? Share your experiences! Typos
Organization of content
AHRD Relevant skills and abilities Questions?
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