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Rejuvenate Social Media Bootcamp

Connect Marketplace

Crystal Washington

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Rejuvenate Social Media Bootcamp

Create a Social Media Strategy! What is your one word? Brand Set It Measure It ? Profile Pictures
Headlines & Descriptions
Updates & Postings ENGAGE! Twitter:
@cryswashington Want these notes?
Text cwashington to 22828
leave your business card Social Media Increase Efficiency Broaden Network Viral Messaging Get Found
Build Reputation
Get Answers
Collect Testimonials
Create Professional Community
LinkedIn Events Build Relationships- FOM
Viral Messaging
Build Community
Drive Traffic for Promotions Observe Trends
Viral Messaging
Increase event engagement
Build Reputation as Resource
Post Event Report
Create Chats Pre & Post events Get Found/ Search
Event Interviews/Create Content for Other Social Networks
Drive Traffic for Promotions Crowdsourcing
Concept Boards/ Event Boards
Event Wrap-Up
Drive Traffic for Promotions/Sales
Drive Excitement for Next Meeting Promotions
Scavenger Hunts/ Incentives
Get Found YOU & COMPANY? Want These Notes & Extras?
Text cwashington to 22828 Posting TMI
Innapropriate Images/ Language
Cyber Bullying/ Stalking
Loss of Brand Control
Brand Annihilation Strategy PERSONAL BRAND ORGANIZATION EVENTS + Over 175 million users worldwide
Median age 41
Average income $89,000
(Twitter – $58,000, Facebook – $61,000)
Culture: business Over 1 billion users!
Median age 35
#1 social network for finding a job according to MBA Online– 18 million Americans
(LinkedIn– 10 million, Twitter– 8 million)
Culture: social/relationship Over 500 million users
Median age 31
Awesome for spreading information quickly
Culture: content/add value Over 500 million users
Owned by Google
Video is king in search and interaction Fastest growing social network
68% female
Creates more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.
Culture: sharing/tips Location-based social network
31% of mobile social media users use Foursquare Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube Blog Foursquare Email Marketing
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