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Human Evolution

No description


on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Human Evolution

Human Evolution Option D3 Deepu, Jason, Gina, Mahrokh, MJ, Alexis, and Byung Dating rocks and fossils
using radioisotopes Half-Life Amount of time taken for half of sample
isotope to decay into "daughter" isotopes. Major Physical Features Opposable Thumbs Extremely mobile joints
at shoulder and hip Rotating Forearm Excellent Hand-Eye
Coordination Eyes in front of
head Hominid Species Timeline Several species may have coexisted.
Timeline based on fossil record. Fossil record is incomplete.

Fossil records have uncertainties with respect to human evolution. Fossil Record Aspects of Evolution Correlation between change in diet, increase in brain size. Cultural evolution: From behavior (where live, eat etc.). Not necessarily genetic, varies by experience. Genetic Evolution: Changes in genetic makeup, traits are genetically controlled. Option D3 Human Evolution Deepu, Jason, Gina, Mahrokh, MJ, Alexis, and Byung Activity Time
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