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Analysis of Tomb Raider

No description

Christopher Robbins

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of Tomb Raider

Endogenous Moments Exposition: Narrative Structure Interactivity As the sun rises over the ocean horizon you continue down the paths towards your next objective. Along the way you will be constantly interacting with the environment, enemies, and the crew. Lighting torches to see in the dark, using your rope arrow to repel down and eventually up, finding and opening chest, lighting and or blowing up obstacles are some elements of interactivity found in the game. The clip below depicts how interaction between different elements, in this case fire and gas, can have explosive results. Your overall goal of the game is to survive and escape from the island. Along the way you will have a choice to either turn left or right. One path will lead you towards a possible secret while the other path leads you further into the story. If you can complete a set of goals the game gives you extra resources and or experience. All of your goals can be tracked by simply pressing the select button. In this video clip taken from IGN is a walk through showing how the process of goals and challenges are completed and rewarded. Structure & Struggle Structure of the game is simple with the directions you are able to take but complex when it addresses character relations and interactions. There is little that can be done to change these moments but the structure then opens up when you run into parts of struggle. Lara is constantly struggling to stay alive throughout the game making you work with and around the factors of structure. In this clip we watch Lara make her way up a radio tower trying to send out a distress call. Along the way you are nearly fall and have to hit the X button before she does. Not only do you see the structure of the game making you climb the radio tower but you can also see the struggle in Lara's facial expression that she is very high and struggling to make it all the way to the top. I have to thank Two Awful Guys who produced this clip. They may not realize it but this is exactly what it's like coming in and out of reality. Here we will see several moments throughout the game where Lara is desperately trying to stay alive. This is where you fall into the world of Tomb Raider in your mind and forget about reality. The music seems to be choreographed with the video game When the clip is near the end, Lara is sitting at her campsite, her first one is when you try to remember what just happened. Just minutes into the game Lara has been shipwrecked, hit in the head by a mysterious person, woke up hanging upside down and rapped in some type of cloth. This is not how Lara Croft has ever been treated in the past bringing questions from all avenues into my brain. Why is she wrapped up? Is a monster going to eat her? Before those questions can be answered I realize if I don't get her down, it is going to be a long, long game. She uses a nearby torch to catch the cloth on fire and falls far to the ground where a long, sharp piece of rhubarb through her side. How can the makers treat Lara like this? By now I am already 100% immersed into the game. You are Lara Croft, Tomb Raider who is on am exposition to find a lost island. Lara and the crew are caught in a storm at sea where the boat breaks apart forcing everyone to abandon ship. Lara wakes up on a beach only to be knocked out and taken to a cave and hung by her feet. After she escapes, Lara finds a dry place where she catches her breath and starts a fire where she picks up a radio signal from her lost shipmates. Rising Action: While Lara is on the run, hunting, tracking, and surviving encounters with the crazy religious cult, she finds a few of her lost friends and sets out to rescue the others. During her adventure she uncovers a possible reason for the weird weather surround the island, a religious cult who is continuing the tradition of sacrificing a human to their sun goddess. Lara finds out through her radio that the cult has taken Sam, her best friend, and is going to use her as the sacrifice. Climax: Lara has now rescued everyone in her party except for a few stranglers that are out looking for supplies or keeping watch. Sam has been rescued by Lara, the antagonist, Roth and the crew attacks Lara's camp. During the mayhem Mathias captures Sam again and you will lose many friends while trying to rescue her. All seems bad with no hope in sight and Lara must go and save Sam, alone. Falling Action: The tomb raider has survived a plane crashing all around her, falling from one waterfall to another avoiding spear-filled woodpiles, falling out of the sky after her parachute fails to open right away resulting in some broken bones and a stick stuck her in the side. She uses her lighter and an arrow head to cauterize the wound. Nearly all of Lara's original crew and friends have died trying to give Lara more time to escape deeper into the Temple where Sam is turning into the host of the Sun Goddess. The last host killed herself before they could perform the ceremony resulting in half of the Sun Goddess's soul in the dead body of the host. This is why the storms have been appearing out of nowhere, the queen wants a host to be brought back into the world. RESOLUTION: Sam is about to become possessed by the sun queen and all seems to be lost until out of the dark comes Lara on a rampage! She kills the antagonist and the sun queen all while using her famous double pistol wielding trademark fight-style. As Lara holds Sam in her arms a beam of light shines through the dark sky onto the two of them, growing until all of the storm clouds are gone. The curse has been lifted. Only Sam and two other crew mates have survived the events that took place on the island. The team heads away from the island, this time without the sun goddesses storms to keep them trapped. Lara looks back on her life and how she never believed her dad, she now knew he wasn't full of stories. The team boards a large ship back in Japan and on their way Lara opens her father's journal and says that she's not going home.....a survivor is born. It looks as if her third character sketch toned her breast size down but the same skinny frame and sexy "archeologist" attire. In this game the developers have toned her cleavage down but still keeping her skinny figure. They do however put more clothes on her but now instead of seeing huge breast bouncing every time she jumps now you get a bird's eye view staring directly down her shirt. The first version was in an era where women playing video games wasn't common and the gaming industry new this and marketed their games towards males. As I would recommended this game to anyone it lacked some elements that I expected to see. While the island is pretty large the further you get into the game the more you start to notice a pattern a paths. The developers don't hide any secret path from you because you can use your instinct ability to highlight any area that you can interact with but it's not as easy as pressing the button and climbing the wall. Besides the mild restriction in choosing my paths the actual game-play was seamless and the environment flowed with its surrounding. I was hoping for an epic ending to an epic trilogy instead I was disappointed , again, with an ending that couldn't live up to its name. As time went by societies values and culture adapted to a new gamer, women. Now game makers couldn't throw out a game where the main character had bigger boobs and smaller waist size than the gamer. To a women this may be seen as competition or an image that was offensive. You can see in this picture of Lara that she has been some hard times but she's still alive using survival skills and with a bow and arrow on her back suggests that she is a powerful, deadly, and quiet killer.
The morphology behind Lara Croft can be seen in this photo timeline. With the release of Tomb Raider players got to see outrageously huge breast, an uncommon skinny figure, and hero like abilities. On the left is Camilla Luddington the digital body print and voice used for the 2013 Tomb Raider. The evolution of Lara has gone to a new high with this very realistic depiction from the real and the digital. WARNING SPOILER ALERT! You're not a true Tomb Raider fan if you didn't feel your heart drop when Roth dies. Roth is Lara's replacement father after her dad died when she was just a baby. Roth has always treated her like his own even if that meant his own life. The amount of violence in this game could had been much worse. I did have a hard time watching my beautiful character get speared through the neck or a giant bolder crushing her head. Player interaction concerning violence also seemed realistic. Could a small women drive a sharp pick hammer through someone's head? Yes, I believe with enough anger and force that she could. Can a women pull back a bow far enough to kill a man? Yes, I believe she can. While her jumping seems to be still super human, overall the developers really brought violence and survival together. I was impressed and happy to see a more realistic Lara Croft. Still has a pretty good size chest, enough to grab the male audiences attention. Gamers will have to look real hard to find any sexual content that could be seen as offensive. Yes, Lara wears tight pants and a revealing tank-top with spaghetti straps, but we lose the long, exposed legs. Most of the time when you get a good look at Lara in a sexual manner is during the cut-scenes, not during actual game play. Goals CONCLUSION BY: CHRIS ROBBINS
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