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SCT Improved Training Structure

This proposed training plan creates a training culture with greater depth for SCT staff. In place of a grueling, week-long guide training, staff are able to progress at their own pace along a "training path."

DeAnna Pickett

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of SCT Improved Training Structure

Guide Success and Support Structure
Sonoma Canopy Tours
Ground Support
Guide Training
Apprentice Guide
Sweep Guide
Internal Training
Drives Vehicles/Guests
Collects Waivers
Operates bottom of Exit Zip
Belays from ground in Emergency
Helps Coordinate groups
Shadows 2-3 Tours
Attends Formal Guide Training
Completes 3rd Party Guide Certification Process
Directly After Certification
Shadows Sweep Guides as a 3rd Guide
Works with real guests under the supervision of Sweep Guide until confident by themselves
Makes $9.50/hr
Sending Guides
works in conjunction with Lead Guide
Continues to work on rescues and retrieval skills once a month
Develops Guiding skills
Makes $10/hr
Lead Guide
Responsible for entire tour group
able to response to emergency situations
Makes $12.50/hr
Specialized Lead Guide
Possesses same skill as Lead Guides
Also specializes in delivering a tour that focuses on one of the 4 focus areas: Recreation, Education, Social, Spiritual
Creates programming curriculum in specialty area
Trains others in specialty area
Role Models Specialty Area in all tours
Makes $13/hr (+$0.50 more for each additional specialty area.
Mentor Guide
Possesses same skills as Lead Guides
Attends Training to Be Mentor Guide
Mentors sweep and Lead Guides
Demonstrates outstanding professionalism
Internal Trainers
Outstanding Mentor and Specialty Lead Guides
Attends Train the Trainer Training
Can train new Guides
Other Support People
Equipment Manager
Course Manager
General Manager
Climbing the Mountain
to Greatness

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