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RRHS Academy Night

Presentation to incoming 9th grade parents about the STEM academy and the programs of study within it.

David McCarroll

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of RRHS Academy Night

8 Career Strands
Interwoven with other instruction:
Social Studies
Technology Applications
Health Sciences
Biology Career Strands
Health Science
Biomedical Engineering (PLTW)
Energy, Power, and Transportation Systems
Graphic Design & Illustration
Engineering & Architecture (PLTW)
Computer Maintenance
Computer Programming
Digital & Interactive Multimedia Where can I go for help more information?
The academy web site:

Becky Miller, Academy Specialist

David McCarroll, STEM Academy Lead
David_McCarroll@RoundRockISD.org Health Science Graphic Design
& Illustration Graphic Design & Illustration
Prepare students for careers in animation and graphic design Possible Careers
Graphic Artist
Audio/Visual Tech Energy, Power, and Transmission
Prepare students for careers in the transportation and energy fields Possible Careers
Auto Mechanic
Equipment Technician
Facility Planner
Transportation Engineer Energy, Power, and
Transportation Engineering (Project Lead the Way)
Prepares students for careers in the engineering and technical field Possible Careers
Engineering Technician
Technical Sales
Electronics Designer
Engineering Drafter
Manufacturing Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Civil Engineer
Automotive Engineer
Architect Engineering Health Science Strand
Prepare students for careers in the medical, biology, and health management field Possible Careers:
Medical Research
Physical Therapist
Personal Trainer Computer Maintenance
Computer Programming
Digital & Interactive Multimedia Digital & Interactive Multimedia Computer Maintenance Computer Programming 3 Related Pathways that all begin with the same foundation course. Career Choices:
Commercial Artist
Web Page Designer
Audio-Video Engineer Career Choices:
Computer Repair
Network Engineer
Systems Designer Career Choices:
Software Engineer
Computer Programmer
Database Analyst
Automation Technician
Game Designer
Systems Administrator
E-Business Specialist Athletic Trainer
Pharmacist/Pharmacy Tech
Medical Researcher
Lab Technician
Dentist Principles of Engineering Digital Electronics Civil Engineering & Architecture Introduction to Engineering Design (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Medical Terminology Health Science Pathophysiology Principles of Health Science Anatomy & Physiology Medical Microbiology Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness Psychology Sports
Medicine Energy, Power, and Transportation Automotive Technology Advanced Auto Tech Principles of Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Graphic Design & Illusstration Advanced Graphic Design Digital Animation Principles of Arts, AV Technology, & Communications Digital & Interactive Multimedia Web Technologies Animation Principles of Information Technology Computer Science I Digital Electronics Computer Science II Principles of Information Technology Computer Maintenance Tele-communications & Networking Computer Technician Principles of Information Technology Aerospace Engineering
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