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Ross Lindsey Lams

No description

lib hist

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Ross Lindsey Lams

Ross Lindsey Lams
Sargent Lams was in the marine corps and while in battle he cut retreat for bandits and had jumped through a breach while being attacked. He did what he could to protect his country.
Tibor Rubin
Corporal Rubin received his medal 55 years after his courageous actions during the Korean war. One time in specific was when he was defending an area by himself and he didn't stop protecting it for 24 hours straight even though endured many casualties in the process. He showed a lot of honor to his Country and the other soldiers.
While being attacked Lams jumped through the fort breach with only one entrance despite the constant fire and engaging the enemy. Lams did not care if he got killed in battle because if he did it would be for his country.
Amelia Morgan~Nevaeh Mcelwee
When Rubin was at a chinese prison camp he had great courage and was willing to sneak out of camp and break into food store houses to supply food for the other starving soldiers in the prison camp. He didn't think about how this was going to affect him or the consequences he might have to face. He just did the right and brave thing.
Lams worked hard to get to where he was ranked. he had to work hard and he cared about the U.S.. He did it because he was a respectful citizen and wanted this land to stay free.
Tibor Rubin showed patriotism to his country by fighting in violent wars for 3 years as a rifleman (1950-1953). He must have really cared about his country and had a lot of respect for it to risk his life everyday for 3 years protecting it and its people.
Lams was given the U.S. navy medal of honor. he received his medal of honor for actions above and beyond. The navy and marine corps medal is the oldest continuously awarded decoration. It has made navel officers eligible for this award just like the brave Ross Lams did.
Tibor Rubin-
Ross Lindsey
a brief history- medal of honor
Tibor Rubin showed sacrifice when he risked his life and personal safety to help capture hundreds of North Korean soldiers. Being willing to sacrifice your life would be a very brave and heroic thing to do.
Medal of Honor
"...to such non-commissioned officers and privates as shall distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action..."
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