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Movie Theaters Crisis: Seats

No description

Katie Trinh

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Movie Theaters Crisis: Seats

Movie Theaters
: Seats

Created and Presented by: Katie Trinh
How This is a problem in everyday life and the reason behind the product
I was recently at the movies to watch the new movie Furious Seven. Like always, I kept shifting in my seat because my butt was aching and as a result I accidentally spilled the popcorn partly on my mom. She wasn't happy to say the least. So when the topic for this project was a product to fix worldly problems, I thought to think of a way to revamp movie theater seats so that the experience for viewers will be both comfortable and enjoyable.
My idea to revamp the seats
Instead of the seats resembling a hard chair, I feel as if the seats should resemble something more like a bed. The seats are wide and slightly reclined. Instead of having two parts (The back and seat), the chairs should just be an angled one part chair that you can personally adjust to your liking. (Similar to a recliner) To the right, there is a picture I found that fit the description of the kind of chairs I was thinking of.
Tinkercad version of the new theater seats

I think everyone can safely agree that at movie theaters, we're not as comfortable as we wish to be. We put up with it though because of the new blockbuster displaying on the screen that everyone will be talking about in the span of two days. Elbows are always brushing up against each other, resulting in awkward apologies and glances. Plus, we never know if the other person has an elbow fetish... Our butts start aching as a result of the hard uncomfortable seats beneath us. Besides the movie, we don't have an all together comfortable experience.
Katie Trinh
April 11, 2015
Benefits of these new Movie theater seats
Mainly these seats are targeted for the movie goers. The point of the whole invention is for the viewers to have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. As well as the viewers being more content, the newly vamped seats can also bring in more revenue for the theater because people will see how nice the theater is and will want to come more often (Probably bringing friends and families so they can experience the whole thing themselves) This invention can benefit both society and the movie theater companies.
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