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Oslo: digital intelligence (Garnier)

We are an online marketing agency, focused on digital strategy, online media, social media, and webanalytics.

Laura Dias

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Oslo: digital intelligence (Garnier)

online media
Veris University is part of an educational holding
with over 10.000 students.
In 2009, the Veris Holding merged 2 important
universities focused on technology.

The students and students-to-be got aprehensive:
Today's challenge for Veris is about reinforcing brand equity and positioning the university as a solid environment.
EMI, the leading music company, detains the rights over the songs by one of the most significant brazilian rock bands: Legião Urbana.
The songs were to be chosen by the fans.

A collaborative Best Of album, built by the so-called "true Urban Legion": the loyal fans.
Would Veris keep up with the excellence formerly
associated with the 2 brands merged?
The band leader, Renato Russo, died in 1996. Still many people keep loyal and recruiting new fans.

14 years later, Legião Urbana fans were about to have a new reason to sing along: a Best Of album.
But what coud be so special in a Best Of album?
Our main target was Legião Urbana's
most loyal and compromised fans.
These were the most engaged users: more willing to vote and to spread the word about the poll.
We would reach them via social media:
, still the most popular social network tool in Brazil.
We identified them in forums about Legião Urbana and Renato Russo.
We talked to the most engaged ones. Individually.
Then they spreaded it to other fans.
We also focused on common people posting parts of Legião Urbana's songs on Twitter.
Momentarily envolved with the band,
they were also potentially interested in voting
and showing up their opinion.
In 10 days, the poll page on Legião Urbana's official website was visited more then 14.600 times
About 12.000 people voted
for their 12 favorite songs.
Engagement performed as a very successful strategy in this case.
Negative aspects of the poll itself were minimised.
"a Best Of must contain the most important moments, the phases, so that new fans can have a clue beyond the biggest hits"
Great part of users shared the message we handed to them -in forums, communities, and via Orkut Promote.
3. execution of digital communication tactics
2. Planning online marketing strategies
1. marketing intelligence and behavior analysis
of the users we addressed to on Twitter had a public reaction to our message
One step before real planning. We analyze markets, trends, behavior and profile of Internet users.
According to the opportunities identified, the strategy may include...
search engines
social networks
Workflow at Oslo
4. Measuring the impact of marketing efforts (“online”and “offline”)
The implementation includes:
negotiation and purchasing
Second step: we strictly focus Veris' target, respecting the local approach formerly adopted by the 2 merged institutions.
technical orientation
Planning Director
Laura Dias
JP Alves
Ula Amaral
Marcelo Velloso
Executive Director
Client service and planning
Senior Executives
Priscilla Machado
Account Executive
Client service and planning
Bernardo Braga
Andre David
Online Media coordinator
IT and metrics coordinator
Social media analist
Social media jr analist
Social media jr analist
Online media analist
Online media jr analist
Online media jr analist
Marcelo Velloso

On the Internet industry since 1998
, has worked in projects for clients such as Unilever, Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Carrefour, Eletrobrás, Petrobrás, SporTV, Pirelli, Motorola and others.

Executive Director at Oslo Digital since its foundation, responsible for communication strategies to brands like Garnier, HSM Education, Insper, Universal Channel, Canal GNT, and EMI.

Graduated in Design with an MBA from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), and specialization degree in e-Business.

Teacher and lecturer on digital marketing, online advertising and social media
. Was professor of the disciplines "Business Models and Entrepreneurship" and "Metrics“ at the Postgraduate Program on Digital Interactive Media in Senac-Rio.

Fluent in English, Spanish and French. International background includes high school education in France, professional experience in sales and administration in Nigeria, and a youth interchange in Norway.

Holds a Google Analytics Individual Qualification.
Laura Dias

Graduation degree in communication at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and postgraduated in Strategic Management of Digital Marketing at Facha.

Began her career in Internet in 2006 in TeleListas.net doing strategic planning, webanalysis, Webwriting and social media.

Is currently the head of planning in Oslo Digital, leading the social media and the online media teams.

Participated in projects involving brand monitoring in social media and planning online strategies for clients such as the Catholic University of Brasilia, the Anhembi Morumbi University, Globosat network and others.
Ula Amaral

Graduated in Communication

at the Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC-MG), with

executive education in Consumer Marketing Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management

Participated in the founding of the agency Educa as the main executive, and also the creation of Oslo Digital in 2008, where is responsible for large customers such as Universidade Gama Filho, Huawei, Bradesco Seguros, Catholic University of Brasilia, Multishow, Órama, Ibmec, Lancenet, and others.

Analyzing brand presence on the Internet, planning, executing and measuring the results of all the tactics implemented for our clients are some of her major functions.

As managing partner her main role is the relationship with clients, monitoring the implementation of what was planned and managing the team responsible for operating and monitoring the SEM and online media efforts.

Fluent in english.

Google Adwords certified.
Priscilla Machado

Graduated as a journalist in 2007, started her career in the second largest newspaper in the state of Minas Gerais, “O Tempo”, in which, eight months later, became responsible for the entire police's editorial.

In 2009, integrated a cultural project, “Sempre Um Papo”, created by the journalist Afonso Borges, through which worked as press agent for important names in Brazilian literature, such as Ruben Alves, Zeca Camargo, Drauzio Varella, Nilton Bonder, among others.

At the end of 2009 moved to London, where concluded the courses IELTS, Business Communication and General English Certificate of Proficiency.

Back in Brazil since 2011, started with Oslo Digital and her duties include planning, operation’s coordination and analysis of results.
Andre David

Graduated in Systems Analysis with specialization degree in IT with emphasis in Internet from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, postgraduated in Strategic Digital Marketing Management in IGEC/Facha - Instituto de Gestao e Comunicacao.

Expert in webanalytics, Google Analytics implementation, and Search Engines Optimization (SEO).

Experienced in competitive analysis, IT management, webdevelopment and infrastructure standards definition, project management, requirements gathering and technical viability (intranet / internet / extranet), social media integration.
configuration of tools to analyze key metrics
operation of systems to manage the efforts
For every effort is expected a particular outcome:
boost sales, increase customer base, strengthen the positioning, greater brand recognition.

So every job requires the correct definition and measurement of appropriate performance indicators.
We keep talking locally.
Main staff
Exclusively for digital marketing
First step: whenever suitable, we explore Veris' solid brand positioning:
Main clients
Clients attended
*Brazilian Association of Digital Agencies
Internet Advertising Bureau
on the most relevant situations and channels
The number of enrolled students is increasingly growing every semester.
we fish where fish are
with the proper bait.
"Acredite" (=believe) is an inspiring project about the advertising industry, sponsored by Universal Channel.
In 2010, it asked the most renowned ad professionals in Brazil "What do you believe?"

Their responses, as text and image, were published on an inspiring book.
This year, it was advertising students' turn to express their beliefs about advertising trends.
The top 100 answers would be published on a new book.
However, with just over a month for registrations, how would we encourage a successful number of enrollments?
The present campaign is exceeding enrollment expectations: in 25% of the period, we have already achieved almost 40% of the goal.
First, we identified students interested in  advertisement on social media, using strategic keywords
Through seeding on Twitter, we engaged people to know more about the project
Facebook timelines were feeded with inspirational related contents
On Orkut, a profile was created to informing communities, moderators and users about the project.
Bernardo Braga

Graduated in comunication and advertising at Faculdades Integradas Helio Alonso.

Started with online marketing in 2006 working with Google AdWords and Hi-Media ad network Afilio management.

In Oslo Digital since 2010 as the leader of the online media team.

Participated in online campaign planning and management for brands such as Michelin, Nextel, Globosat, Caixa Economica Federal and others.
The idea was also spread to bloggers through personal contact.
In 5 weeks, the campaign reached thousands of students from all over the country.
of them participated, with an image or a text.
The number of  fans  on the project's Facebook page has grown  over 1,700%, among the  target users.
The engagement of the fans was also impressive, reaching an average from 6.6 to 12.5 "likes" per content.
Two phases:
influencing people to know about the new product and encouraging testing.
We targeted  people interested in  issues related to  body care
Through seeding on Twitter, people were invited to test the product and reviewing it on Twitter or YouTube.
web analytics
social media
Since launching in Brazil, 13 years ago, Garnier has been strongly associated to hair care. Despite being a solid brand, Garnier faced problems related to consumer’s trust.
This is the tricky context in which Garnier enters skin care segment in Brazil, by lauching Garnier Body.
Online media planning had to promote the product and encourage consumers to experiment it, by reinforcing Garnier' brand equity and positioning it as a broad reference in personal care.
The same was done using search marketing, display ads and high-impact formats inviting users to review Garnier Body
The first reviews were sent by bloggers encouraging their readers to test.
highlighting consumers' testimonials via online media and Garnier' social channels
After experiencing the product, people  could record their testimonials in video and post  them on Garnier Brasil brandchannel on YouTube.
Consumers could also tweet their reviews using the hashtag #testeiGarnierBody, so that @garnierbrasil would retweet them.
Some interesting reviews were selected and used on display ads and YouTube brandchannel layout.
We led users to know Garnier Body and interact with the brand in 2 channels that met the demands of information: Garnier Body hotsite and brandchannel on YouTube.
Spam seeding
Online Marketing
until 2008
We achieved our potential target through more than
200 million impacts
in one month.
The main sources of website traffic came from the campaign.
Almost 60% of the visits
were generated only from Google AdWords .
The product’s highest level of sell out
was reached during online campaign: 3,7%.
The results are used to identify marketing opportunities.
Brand monitoring and management in social media
On Orkut, we identified communities about Advertisement courses on universities and encouraged moderators, owners and active users to spread the word.

We did the same on blogs owned by teachers.
up to date
With no media effort
Organic Search
Content Production
Intention to buy
Media Impact on brand
Educate and Influence Users
Next steps
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