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Persuasion, Plagiarism, and Paraphrase

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Brittany Awil

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Persuasion, Plagiarism, and Paraphrase

Persuasion, Plagiarism, and Paraphrase
Persuasive Essays
Parenthetical Documentation Examples
Your own version of an author's thoughts

Detailed statement rather than a summary

Tips for Writing a Paraphrase

Read the information all the way through until you fully understand it

Put the original copy aside

Begin to write down important info you remember
Tips for Writing
Be well-informed about your topic

Be organized and on task

Use evidence to support your point of view.

Cites must be .gov, .edu. or .org
Wikipedia does not count
-- You need to have convincing evidence to defend your perspective.

Parenthetical Citation
-- placing relevant source information in parentheses after a quote or a paraphrase

In your essay, you need to have
at least three
parenthetical documentations included and the correct MLA format in works cited.
copying an author word for word without giving him/her the proper credit or proper citation
Best Ways to
Always cite your sources

If you are unsure, look back at the original text and compare it to what you have written

Never directly copy and paste any work from an author


If you're having trouble, ask for help
Romantic poetry is characterized by the "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" (Wordsworth 263).

stated that Romantic poetry was marked by a "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" (263).

extensively explored the role of emotion in the creative process (263).

Always put the parenthetical documentation at the end of the quote
the period.
Tactics for Persuasion
Reasoning that supports your main point of view/perspective

appeal to the reader's emotions
emotional appeal can be used to enhance the effect on the reader

good vs. bad; right vs. wrong
How to Use Parenthetical Documentation
Always mention the author's name—either in the text itself or in the parenthetical citation—unless no author is provided.

If the author's name is used in the text introducing the source material, just cite page number (2)

If the author's name is not used in the sentence introducing the source material, cite name and page (Federici 4).
If there is no author's name, cite the name of the book or article in parentheses. ("Snow Days")

You can abbreviate titles of articles and books
Where to Place Citations
Place a citation as close to the quoted or paraphrased material as possible

Citation goes
the quotations,
the period

Example: Dr. Barbara states that "texting and driving causes dangerous accidents on the road" (6).

Read the article

Write one paragraph persuading your reader why
The Great Gatsby
is a great American novel.

Include at least
parenthetical citations.
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