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Take a Class & Give a Class. Workout this WAY.

EMG Live Fitness is on a Mission to help Women through Fitness

Melissa Y.

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Take a Class & Give a Class. Workout this WAY.

Buy a Class & Give a Class.
WORKOUT THIS WAY 1 in 4 women is abused in her lifetime. While at the shelters.. We Workout & so should the Women who would benefit most! Support women facing many obstacles and give them access to fitness. When you purchase an online fitness class from EMG Live Fitness we give a group fitness class to a shelter or health organization.
Currently we are giving fitness classes to 4 organizations in New York & this number is increasing.
Please visit EMGLiveFItness.com to take a class and contact us if your shelter or organization would like to be given fitness classes. And there are 4.8 million intimate-partner-related physical assaults and rapes reported each year.

Some of those women come to shelters to escape and find help.

While at these shelters women have a safe place to stay, have a meal, look for a job, and keep their children safe. Women are concerned with finding a job, a place to live, gaining financial independence, protecting their children, and covering their basic needs. These women are worn out and going through many transitions.

Some of these women face abuse, homelessness, mental illness, anxiety, and stress.

Women come to these shelters and need to find clarity, relieve stress, and find encouragement. Researchers point out that wealth inequality is related to health & wellness. Statistics show that just because a person is from a lower socioeconomic background or are part of a certain ethnicity group they are more likely to be overweight or face chronic health issues. Women like you & I work out to feel good, lose weight, and to maintain our bodies, right? Taking a fitness class at a boutique studio or online is something everyday women do. Wouldn't it be wonderful to share group fitness classes with women's shelters, homeless shelters, and health organizations across the United States and the World? Buy a Class & Share a Class We are on a journey to help women. Exercise can help relieve stress, find clarity, and do something that is just enjoyable and fun that can be incorporated at women's shelters and health organizations. Instead of sitting idle in a shelter, worrying or watching television, women and men can release anxiety by moving their bodies.

Taking a deep breath in a yoga class and raising endorphins in a kickboxing class is a great process for women to take control over their bodies, and get through obstacles and find their way in life. Supporting Women Through Exercise Workout this WAY What can we do??? Kickboxing, Yoga, & Pilates Can Help! Share Fitness!
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