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Dragon Girl

Kew East Primary School Production

katie hunter-scott

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Dragon Girl

Ody Pollock
Zardok is the last of the great wizards and is incredibly wise and helpful. He guides Annalisa and encourages her to face her fears.
Ody is fantastic in the role of playing Zardok, his personality fits in with it well.

Cooch Grass
Lucas Aceski
Cooch is a peasant who is chosen to go and slay the dragon. He annoys everybody whenever he gets distracted by his precious footy cards.
Lucas is great at playing Cooch, he has improved HEAPS and he is really funny.
Stella Reid

Annalisa is an afraid, young girl who can't seem to find any courage, until she gets transported back into the medieval times and defeats the evil Sir Basil with the help of Zardok.
Stella is an amazing actress and delivers the role of Annalisa perfectly.

Bramble Bush
Ryan Sanders
Bramble is a peasant and has been chosen, alongside Cooch, to go and fight the dragon. He is very opinionated and incredibly silly.
Ryan is a natural at performing and slots in perfectly to this play.
Pete Moss
Aijah Glenn
Pete is ALSO a peasant but gets captured by Sir Basil. He tends to talk for ages, and he's REALLY stubborn.
Aijah can play the male role of Pete brilliantly.
Sir Basil
Harry Butler
Sir Basil is a selfish, power hungry brother of King Rupert, who tries to capture Annalisa's heartstone, but fails.
Harry has the perfect acting skills and his voice is really scary (in a good way).
King Rupert
Tom DeGraff
King Rupert is always told off by his wife Queen Daphne, and he's so short he always needs to stand on a stool. He's a bit over-obsessed over his garden.
Tom has worked really hard and has taken all suggestions on board.
Dragon Girl
Queen Daphne
Ingrid Sugar
Queen Daphne is overly self-obsessed, she's very bossy and snobby. She thinks very highly of herself.
Ingrid portrays Queen Daphne exceptionally and she learnt her lines very quickly.
Tom Nicholson
Thrip is one of Sir Basil's henchmen. He is very dumb and gullible.
Tom has developed the right skills to play Thrip.
Noah Montague
Scale is the smarter one of the two henchmen. He tricks Thrip a lot.
Noah and Tom work really well together and he really connects to his character.
Zoe Cole
Nanna is Annalisa's grandma and she's always worried about Annalisa and wants her to believe in herself.
Zoe's really good and she's really commited to the play.
Harry Clapton
The Dragon is evil under the spell, but is a pussycat when it's taken off him.
Harry is positive and devoted to his role.
Tess Martin
Camilla is the Queen's personal maid and attends to her every need. She is very oblivious to everything that doesn't involve the Queen.
Tess improves every practice session and has the acting qualities needed.
Stella Gracie
Petunia is very annoying and insistent. She puts the King on his stool every time there's a gathering.
Stella has a matching personality and a funny stool.
Dragon Girl the production is set in the medieval times, in the beautiful land of Begonia.
Fiddle faddle ~The Queen's favourite phrase to let out her frustration
Exile ~prison, being sent away
Hail ~salute or greeting to the King and Queen
Courtiers ~soldier-like trumpet players
Ladies in Waiting ~Queen's maids
Dragon Girl
Where: Renaissance Theatre Kew High School
When: 17th and 18th September, 7:30 pm - 9:00pm
Come and see the spectacular production we have put together for you to enjoy! The tickets are running out fast, book now and you won't miss out!
Thank you for watching!
We hope you come to our performance!
By Group 6
Callum Traverso
Jensen Key
Alex Berridge
Matthew Bowman
William Cairns
Taiga Yoshida
Jenna Rachcoff
Wakana Yoshida
Yasmin Culnane
Ennia Cervi
Kieran Lennon

Nithin Tharakan
Xyan Aamir
Page Boys
Zachary Chen
Sean Moloney
Ladies in Waiting
Georgie Mantas
Marlee Lange Pirrie
Maya Halfpenny
Nadia Blythe
Giselle Newsome
Lara Van Ravenswaaij
Annabel Maher
Sarah Christopoulos
Hailey Nguyen
Tess Nayler
Kalarni Kearns
Hannah Zervos
Jessica Nelson
Gemma Johansen
Jennifer Crawford
Ruby Upfield
Katie Hunter-Scott
Jana Christopoulos
Iris Wong
Lana Blackwell
Dungeon Dwellers
Oliver Douglas
Louie Moutidis
Alex Bester-Lowe
Harrison Daicos
Saleem Jalloh
Oszkar Green
Dion Gazis
Millar Zezula
Rion HM
Jack Brian
Alex Worth
Ben Beardmore
Jason Cho
Chris Sullivan
Alex Anderson
Valenteen Saenchai
Connor Bailey
Forest Spirits
Kate Cameron
Olivia Moon
Madison Higgins
Thea Jones
Jean Palamara
Shantelle Pham
Mia Wood
Vanessa Tsekouras
Ava Christopoulos
Larhni Duncanson
Kelly Liu
Alisha Browning
Yiling Ooi
Archisha Sharma
Lily Upfield
Ella Paden
Aki Katsieris
Lucera Perrone
Davina David
Abby Gorman
Jake Peters
Coby Lamont
Robert Findlay
William Davey
Max Razums
James Farrawell
Chris MT
Connor Spallas
Abby Schonberg
Kathleah Hancock
Charlie Kiley
Director: Di Terrill - Wynne
Staff:Karli Hayes,
Belinda Cunningham,
Karinda Van Gulick and
Penny Foster
Dungeon Dwellers are creatures who live in the dungeons.
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