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Plot Map with Cat in the Hat

No description

Benjamin Fugitt

on 21 August 2012

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Transcript of Plot Map with Cat in the Hat

Plot Map
(take notes) Plot is the sequence of a story.

What happens first, next, last?
What is the purpose of each event Plot has 5 main parts.

Rising Action
Falling Action
Resolution Exposition:

Main characters are introduced. Rising Action:

The main action of the story.
How are the characters going to solve the problem?
What actions lead up to solving the problem?
Does the problem change? Get worse? Climax:

The most important event of the story.
The main character makes a decision that changes the direction of the story.
The problem is solved, or they find a way to solve the problem. Falling action:

The final actions of the story.
Is the 'bad guy' going to win?
'Good guy' triumphs at last. Drawing a plot map In your composition book:

Draw a plot map pyramid.
As we go through "The Cat in the Hat", put the main events in the plot map.
You should have 2-3 main events for each section, except for climax, which only has one event. Resolution:

Tie up any loose ends.
Good guy finally wins (usually).
What happens next with the characters. The problem of the story is explained. Main settings are described.
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