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Isaac, Izzy, Diego....7th Grade

Prezi vs Powerpoint

svcs 2014

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Isaac, Izzy, Diego....7th Grade

Conclusion + Transitions are done automatically
+ Backgrounds are easier to bring up.
+Pictures are placed easier
+/- Free, with a paid upgrade for a private account
+We believe Prezi has better graphics.
- Few printing options though.
- Requires an account
+ Only requires you to download if you want to have it on your desktop.
+ Easy to insert sound/music.
- Prezi does not support GIF.
+ Saves automatically
+ Available for iPad. Powerpoint + Has many transition choices, and many other things, including a digital dictionary and thesaurus.
+ Many printing options.
+/- Free trial, but then you must pay for it.
+ No account necessary.
- Requires you to download onto computer.
+ Has many fonts styles and sizes.
+/- Fairly easy to add sound.
+ Supports GIF.
- Does not save automatically. But it asks you if you want to save it.
- Not available for iPad Although Powerpoint has many transition choices, and many other things, including a digital dictionary and thesaurus, we believe that Prezi is better because of its 3-D graphics, transitions that are default, and it is just more eye-appealing in general in our opinion. Prezi Wins! Computers Class
Diego Morales, Isaac Camacho,
Izzy Vincenzi. Prezi vs Powerpoint Prezi
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