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RominaThe History of Money

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on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of RominaThe History of Money

The History of Money
by Romina
Ms. Voss
4th Grade
Natural Resources
Paper Currency
Metal Coins
Invisible Money
The needs of mankind have evolvd over time
Before people used money they traded. Trading
is when you exchange things for another thing.
For example, people traded food, services, cows
and many other things. You can get sick for
eating the same things. So people argued about it
so they dicided to trade their goods . trading was
important when their wasn't money.

8000 AD
1000 BC
9000 BC
In about 1200 BC people stop trading and start using money. The reason people stopped training is because sometimes the things were too small or too big to trade, so people agree to use natural resources or other things.
In 1000 BC people change the resources to metal coins.
People stop using natural resources because it was not
fair for other people to get sometimes less or not equal trade. That was the reason people start using metal coins and they were made of cooper, gold, metal and many other kinds of metal coins.

In the 8000's people started using paper currency.
They decided to use paper currency because they
would run out of metal and the coins were to heavy.
People started printing the paper with special details
to stand for the new kind of money, the good thing
about paper money is to be able to carry around and
make life easier.
Invisible money is the newest change, which can
be checks, credit cards, electronic accounts that help
people keep their money safe and easy to pay. This is
actual currency people use.
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