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Michiel Oele

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of test2


What is it ?? life cycle Assessment and how their production, use and disposal affect the Environment it is about Products SimaPro Mondrian Boundaries Zoom in The answer is 42, but What Was the question? which product is the better for the environment? How can I improve the environmental performance of my products?
CAn I avoid that a CAn we do that? YEs, we can! Really? ehh...well, sort of HOW? by understanding the product By understanding the impacts on the environment Wow. LCA is also about SMART THINKING optimal use of materials avoiding waste minimizing transport less energy use SMART result: aluminum is light
uses a lot of energy to produce

in an aircraft it is a very useful material!

less material is less waste
design for disassembly

saves resources
saves CO2 emissions
saves money Is what IKEA made famous

Less transport is less costs, less traffic jams

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