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Student Run Clinics

No description

Emily Shelton

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Student Run Clinics

Rebuilding the Calgary Student Run Clinic:
A Model for Sustainability

of Calgary Student Run Clinic
Benefits for Students
medical training
clinic management
improved attitudes
interdisciplinary engagement

Benefits for Patients:
On site, after hours services
Improved access
Quality care

Benefits to the Community:
Foster compassion
Community engagement
Commitment to service and volunteerism in future physicians
Influences career path of students
History of Calgary SRC
New Clinic Model
Community Engagement
Presented by:
Alexander Arnold
Krystyna Ediger
Emily Shelton
Supervisor: Dr. J. Hurley MD, CCFP

The Calgary Model
Community Engagement
Current Clinic Sites
Determine reasons for clinic closure

Examine successful clinic models

Design a model for a SRC that addresses reasons for closure and incorporates aspects of successful student run clinics

The New SRC Model:
Transition to "Umbrella" model of the SRC
We are an autonomous student run initiative that works with multiple organizations and physician preceptors in the community to impact the health of marginalized populations
SRC also engages community through projects surrounding clinics
1. Discuss the benefits of Student Run Clinics and their impact
2. Illustrate a sustainable model of Student Run Clinics
Reasons for Clinic Closure

Successful SRCs

The New Calgary Model
Refugee Clinic

History of Calgary SRC

Established in 2008 by a group of Univerisity of Calgary Medical Students and Dr. J. Hurley

Ran out of the Calgary Drop in & Rehabilitation Center

Clinic ceased operations in 2012
Operating out of one site

One preceptor

No MOU with hosting organization

Confusions with funding

JayDOC - University of Kansas

SWITCH - University of Saskatchewan

JeffHOPE - Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia

Take Away Points:

Successful SRCs works to provide a bridge between medically isolated individuals and proper long term primary care. They often incorporate:
- interdisciplinary services
- multiple sites
- multiple preceptors
- community engagement initiatives
Emergency family shelter

SRC Runs every Tuesday Evening from 6pm - 11pm

6-8 patients seen per night; 4 clinicians per night

12 clinicians and 2 clinic managers total; 4 preceptors

Interdisciplinary engagement: Massage Therapy, Nursing Students, Undergraduate Health Sciences Students
Mobile Clinic, currently at Dream Center serving adult male population with addiction issues

SRC Runs Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm

6-8 patients seen per night; 2 clinicians per night

6 clinicians total under supervision of Dr. Bisby

The Alex Bus
Newest SRC site to launch in January of 2014

Will run every Wednesday evening with 2 clinicians

Serves refugee population of Calgary

6 clinicians total under the supervision of Dr. Coakley

Project Homeless Connect

Rewards of Reading Program

Health Education Series

Childcare and Homework program

Massage Therapy Clinic

Flu Clinic

Women's Empowerment Night

Addictions Symposium

Sock Drive

Increased student involvement

Increased service to community

Increased funding opportunities

Diversity of student experiences
The Old Calgary Model
The Big Question

How do we create a sustainable model for the Student Run Clinic that provides quality care to under served populations and valuable and safe learning for medical students?

The Alex Bus
The Alex Bus
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