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No description

stephen kiss

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of SKELLIG

Major Events:
1. The internal conflict that Michael faces is when he has to decide whether or not to go in to the garage even though his parents told him not to. They do not think it is safe.
2. The external conflict that Michael faces is one between him and school. He takes time off of school and his teacher tells him that if he doesn’t return he is going to fail.
3. One interpersonal conflict is when Michael wants’ Skellig to go to the hospital to see if he can get help with his arthritis.

Main Characters:
1. Michael – Michael is a 10 year old boy who likes sports. Shortly after his family moves to a new home his sister is born prematurely and is very sick. He is trying to cope with his baby sister’s illness and to do the things boys like to do. He enjoys playing football (aka. Soccer), visiting his friends and helping his dad to fix up their new home and garden.

By: David Almond

Submitted To: Mrs. Blackwood
Submitted By: Stephen Kiss
Date: March 20, 2015

The story takes place in an old house on Falconer Road. The family needs a new home because they need more space for the new baby. The property needs lots of work as it is run down.

The story takes place in the early spring right after the family moves in to their new house.

When the story begins it is the day after the family has moved in to their new home. Michael is exploring and he hears a scratching sound inside the garage. His mom calls out to him and tells him not to go in because it is dangerous. Later that day he goes back there and goes in even though he’s not suppose too. Using his flashlight he finds a weird creature.
2. Mina – Mina is Michael’s neighbour. She is also 10 years old but unlike Michael, she is home schooled. Her mom thinks that going to school makes everyone the same. She enjoys nature, birds and drawing. She also enjoys poetry by William Blake. She and Michael become really good friends as Michael shares his secret discovery with her.
3. Skellig – Skellig is a mysterious creature. Michael finds him in his garage behind an old tea chest. He is covered in spider webs and dead flies. Skellig is always cranky and he has arthritis. Skellig always asks for 27 and 53 (his favorite items on a Chinese menu), brown ale and aspirin for his arthritis. Michael and Mina are trying to help him get well even though they really don’t know what he is.
1. The internal conflict is resolved when Michael goes in to the garage to find out what the scratching sound is.
2. The external conflict is resolved when Michael returns to school so he doesn’t fail.
3. The interpersonal conflict is resolved when Skellig refuses to get medical help for his arthritis.

The best part of the story is when Skellig gets stronger and he is able to dance with Michael and Mina. He seems much happier and they have helped him get well.

The worst part of the story is when Michaels little sister has to have open heart surgery. It is very sad as Michael is scared she is going to die.
Favorite Quote
One of my favorite quotes is when Skellig answers the question what are you? He says, "Something like you, something like a beast, something like a bird, something like an angel." He laughed. "Something like that.” The reader has to figure out for themselves what he is.

I would recommend this book to young adults. The story is magical and mysterious right to the very end. The reader is left having to create their own ideas about who Skellig really is.

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