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The Great Depression vs. The New recession


Brittanie Johnson

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Great Depression vs. The New recession

The Great Depression What were the major causes of the Great depression? 1. Stock Market crash of 1929 2. Bank failures 3. Reduction in purchasing across the board. 4. American Econmic policy with Europe. 5. Drought Conditions. 6. Unemployment 7. Speculation 8. false prosperity 9. Trade Collapse. What have been viewed as the major causes of th great Depression? 1.Stock market crash. 2. Reduction in purchasing goods. 3. American econmic policy with Europe. 4. Drought conditions. 5. Bank failures In what ways are the Great Depression and The New recession the same? 1. Preceded by an extensive period of cradit fueling bubbles. 2. Both were marked by Gov't interventions policies designed to prevent falling assets prices. Unemployment production of goods Leader 1
Herbert Hoover 1929-33 Launched a road, public buildings, and airport construction program. increased the countries credit facilities tried strengthening banking systems. Reconstruction Finance Corporation Leader 2
Roosevelt 1933-45 "New Deal" relief, recovery& reform became Roosevelt's goas. national recovery administration fair labor standards act Home owners loan corporation Civilian Conservation Corps.
Most popular New Deal prog. What was the End to the Great Depression? WWII
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