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Aren Rodriguez

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Hephaestus

The Greek God of blacksmith, craftsmanship, and volcanoes. He is also known as Vulcan in Roman mythology. Hephaestus's symbol was a hammer due to his craftsmanship.
Hephaestus was thrown off of Mount Olympus as a baby due to his ugliness, resulting in his lame leg. His parents were Zeus and Hera, but they never wanted to claim him.
About Prometheus
He was known as a Titan.His name meant "forethought" and he was given the talent to foretell the future.He was known as benefactor of man.He is mostly known stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humanity as a gift.
Echo and Narcissus history
The goddess of love and beauty.The laughter-loving goddess.Not having a mother or father, she was said to have been created from the foam of the crystal water of paphos in cyprus,when cronos slew his father and threw his mutilated body into the sea.

The word means the strengthening of an object which refers back to Vulcan's forgery skills that made everything better. For people to bring this word up is common because of the words power to make a greater of something. The situation the word is used in helps the object being described or will be in the future seem better and or stronger
From the movie "Holes" the character Sam represents an allusion of Hephaestus. With his famous quote "I can fix that" comes the strengthening of a certain object in this case the roof which he makes better and stronger. Also he is not exactly socially accepted... just like Hephaestus
Root word Vulcan
Ex:The tires rubber has been vulcanized, comes from discovery by a guy whose last name is Goodyear.
Goodyear Tires
Charles Goodyear discovered the process in which removing sulfur from the rubber then heating it, it would retain its elasticity.This process was vulcanization and it made rubber water and winter proof.The idea of improving an object to make it better comes from Vulcan and is the reason for the name of this process.
Vulcanization relation to Artists
The artist Leonardo Da Vinci is know for his great works of art during the renaissance period. His paintings were so divine and wonderful, it's like he just made everything he touched better on canvas. With a simple circle he could create something so unimaginable that everybody praised him for. His works of art have inspired many to push on and strengthen their works of art, or products, even inventions. With his paintbrush at hand he was capable of anything.
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Pop culture Allusion of Narcissus
In the book series,
Harry Potter,by J.K.
Rowling,a character is named after Narcissus.Narcissa Malfoy, mother of Harry's nemesis at school, is described to be very vain and arrogant like Narcissus was believed to be.
The Symbol
The flower is a symbol to this story because when Narcissus dies his body is no where to but found,but in his place was a white and purple flower. The flower was purple within and was surrounded with white leaves, which bears the name and preserves the name and memory of Narcissus.
The word Narcissism was named after Narcissus,a youth in greek mythology.
1.self-admiration: excessive self-admiration and self-centeredness
2.personality disorder: in psychiatry, a personality disorder characterized by the patient's overestimation of his or her own appearance and abilities and an excessive need for admiration
The Importance
Today people use "Narcissist" to describe people with the same characteristics as Narcissus. The story of Echo and Narcissus is also used as a warning to those who love someone that can not love them back and is often used as a basis for understanding the implications of a condition known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).
narcis·sist n.
narcis·sistic adj.
narcis·sisti·cal·ly adv.

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Aphrodite in Pop Culture
Aphrodite is used frequently as a label to clothing lines because it makes the company or the product that is being sold seem more attractive since aphrodite was known as the goddess of beauty
- aphrodite high waisted pants
-The girdle which she was using to compel love
-The sea shell
-The mirror
-and her sacret animal, the dove
Personal allusion example
Rintala 5th Hour AP Lang, "Narcissus",
Webby, 12 Feb 2013. Web. 18 Nov. 2013 http://rintala-allusions.weebly.com/narcissus.html
She was so perfect. Never before have I seen a girl with so much beauty... so much elegance. Seeing her walk on earth made me question logic itself. How can someone who basically resembled a goddess, maybe even Aphrodite herself, be in my midst? I had no clue, but by then, she was gone. Only to be seen in my dreams countless times after.
Prometheus was punished for his "crime" by being chained against a rock for all eternity, his liver being eaten by vultures for the rest of his life, which was forever.Prometheus's symbol is commonly know as fire. Also Prometheus did not have a roman counterpart name for reason unknown.
There once lived a bunny at the end of the Vain street who's name was Echna. She was so beautiful and sang so well that she could get anyone to fall in love with her, but she only wanted one other animal.
He also lived on vain street, his name was Narcikus. But, one thing about him was, he was so vain that he only loved himself. Echna sang and sang to him, but being the bunny he was, he rejected beautiful Echna.
As time when on, Echna still loved him but she started to lose her voice from singingto him for too long that she eventually died from a throat disorder. But today, every time someone visits vain street they hear the quiet voice of Ecna singing and humming to a song.

The Allusion
Promethean- the word means to be daringly original.
Ex: Daaaang you are sooo
girl! I love it!
The word isn't often used, but it should because it's a great way to describe someone that is that awesome.The relation it has to Prometheus is the fact that Prometheus was so crazy and daring to steal fire as a gift for the humans, he was daringly original.
Pop Culture
Frankenstein is actually a great representation of Prometheus because he gave the people the man that was torturing Frank. Like Prometheus, who stole the fire and gave it to the people, he gave the people the mad professor that created Frank and taught him the evils.
The Story of Ken
Being a daredevil had been Ken's dream for his whole life, and now was his time to shine and represent himself.He had worked so hard to get up to this level because there were so many other opponents that were physically good enough to match Ken's level.The thing that mad Ken different though, was his originality. For Ken's final attempt to get to the big leagues he prepared something so awesome, so daring, so original. To bad he overslept this morning and he won't make the event. The End
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