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Romeo and Juliet Body Biography - Lord Capulet

No description

Albert Einstein

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Body Biography - Lord Capulet

The Body of the Tyrannical, violent, and possessive Lord

Created By:
The Montagues

(VJKhaled and
The Just Zach)

What did he learn?
~ To not be so possessive over someone or something.
~ Needs to be mentally, emotionally, and physically stable.
~ Paris
~ Romeo's banishment
~ Wedding
~ Montagues
~ Juliet (for the most part)
"God's bread! It makes
me mad. Day,Night; hour,
tide, time; work, play; To
have her matched." (iii.v. 177-180)
Bad Leg

Good Leg
Abused Lady Capulet, and eventually she got scared of him.
Lord Capulet gets very temperamental which causes tension in the family.
Capulet is very possessive which protects his family.
Protectiveness allows him to keep himself and his fam safe.
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