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No description

arely palomo

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Hatchet

chapter 3 the landing
A thirteen year old boy named brain Robenson was a kid that had parents ho were divorce.He had different times to see there parents .He was sent alone with pilot ho dint' know his name, in a plane to the woods to spend the summer with his father. His mother caught him and now he has a hatchet that his mom gave him.Until the pilot got a hart attack.
chapter1!!the crash!!
chapter 2 frustraded
He was afraid and dint' know what to do with the pilot .He though of CPR but it dint' work .He pushed the pilot of its seat and remembered of what the pilot showed him .how to fly the plane He started ,and was confused with something he though it was an altimeter but it was a radio . He needed the microphone to talk but it was on the pilot .He dint' want to touch him but when he got it he turn the swich on and started talking.But he dint' know were he was ,and he waited long and then there was no signal .Then there were not any more gasoline and he was confused if were he was going to ,land or lake?
He thought he was going to die . He was afraid a lake because he was gonna crash .He saw a lake but he was conducing it were the lake was at .But he thought that he would not make it to the lake.He was trying to get out of the plane then he felt his chest in land he saw a color that he never seen.
chapter 4
The Disaster

He was week and tired he dint' know what to do so it was getting dark and he went to sleep . By the time he waked up he could not believed it , he was still alive .He saw little birds flying .Until a big swarm of bugs going to him .He heard splashing of fish and fallowed the fish to the beaver dam amazing view to look at .
Hatchet By Gary Paulsen
Summary By Arely Palomo

chapter 5
thinking positive
brain was thirsty and his mouth was dry. he was thinking that in only 1 or 2 days to find a lost plane in the woods. then he was hungry. and then he remembered he had an english teacher named perpinch and told brain always think positive,always think positive.
chapter 6 remembering the past
2 years before he was in the forest , he remembered he was in the park pretending it was the forest with terry. he wish he was with terry and having a gun and a khife and fishing gear and matches to haunt and fish ,make a fire .there were traing to build a shelter with sticks and leaves. there were like grate explores in the forest.
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