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Teens Succeed

No description

Kaitlin Elliott

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Teens Succeed

Raking Leaves
Teens Succeed
by kaitlin elliott

For my teens succeed project, I took pictures of teens raking leaves for elderely people who are unable to do it themselves. This community service project was set up by the social justice club, which I am a part of. The social justice club discusses social issues and helps set up things such as clothing drives, food drives, and basically anything thats helps the community.
The girl is picking up/raking the leaves.
In this picture, my friend was raking the leaves into a pile.
This girl was getting the leaves out of
the mulch.
The kid is raking the leaves.
These kids are putting leaves on the tarp.
All of the kids are helping out.
The kids are still helping.
These kids are still raking.
The kids are still raking leaves.
The kids are raking leaves, still.
From this project, I learned that teens can dedicate their time into doing things that help out the community in many different ways. This is valuable because it teaches kids the value of helping other people around them and caring for elderely people.
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