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LinkedIn Bootcamp

No description

Chad Anderson

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of LinkedIn Bootcamp

Miller Group - Linked In Boot Camp Networking Leveraging your personal networks to establish connections BREAKOUT In the next 30 minutes, please login to your LinkedIn account and build out your personal profile with the info that we've covered.
Profile Picture
Work Experience - Miller Group Description!
Add any relevant websites, professional blogs, or Twitter accounts.

We'll come around to assist and answer questions! Company Pages How to view and interact with company pages and use them to your benefit Use your existing email services to search the LinkedIn database for connections. LinkedIn
Personal Profile Post Timely & Relevant Updates to Your Profile Search Your Collegiate Network Search for existing contacts using mail services Filter Results by Skills, Location, Employer 22% of traffic via mobile App
2M mobile users and growing
App now offering access to company pages, notifications, and job listings User Base 50M+ Unique Visitors each week
560k+ visit LinkedIn every day
450M+ page views each month
5B+ Professional Searches to date
10M+ endorsements each day Traffic Over 200M Users
79% are 35+ years old
172k profiles added each day
77% use LinkedIn to research companies LinkedIn Statistics LinkedIn at a Glance Summary Where Business
Meets Social Networking What Is LinkedIn? Join and Participate in Groups and Discussions The Miller Group is one of the largest, privately held brokerage firms in the Midwest, offering a full range of services including employee benefits, business and personal risk management, human resources consulting, surety bonding and safety and loss prevention. Founded in 1961 in Kansas City, Missouri, the company maintains a strong focus and expertise in both the construction industry and the community services sector. Updating the company page with news and product/service announcements Company Postings List employment opportunities within the company. Allow applicants to apply with their profile. Careers Products & Services Showcase new products or services that your company is offering. Shows employee work experience, tenure within the company, education, and skills Insights That's over million people globally that could be researching YOU! Include relevant information about your company Million Users
in the US Million users worldwide LinkedIn Boot Camp Presenter: Chad Anderson April 8th, 2013 This is what people see when they search for you on LinkedIn. Think of it as a first impression. LinkedIn
Profile Picture
Basic Info
Experience Education
Skills Recommendations Groups Following Professional introduction
Use this opportunity to tell your professional story. Professional Picture
Job Title
Education Current work experience.
Employment Timeline Education
Organizations and Societies
Skills and Expertise
Endorsements Professional endorsements from clients, customers, and co-workers. How you are connected to this person.
Connections you have in common. Professional groups and organizations News groups and companies that this person follows. Personal Profiles - Secondary Features How You Are Connected
This feature shows how your connected to any individual LinkedIn member (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree connections).

People Similar to This Profile
Shows people with similar industry background or within the same company.

People Also Viewed
Shows other profiles that were viewed by the same people. LinkedIn Personal Profile This is how your LinkedIn
profile will appear to anyone that searches for you or your existing connections Your "Connections" This is how your LinkedIn profile will appear to existing connections and anyone that searches for you. LinkedIn Overview
What it is
How to use it

Personal Profiles on LinkedIn
Overview of Functionality
Tips to a successful profile


Networking on LinkedIn
How to Build and Leverage Your Network
How to Seek Out Business Leads

Company Pages
Overview of Functionality
How to Interact With Your Company's Page
Examples of Successful Company Pages

Questions and Best Practices The world’s largest
professional network In 2012, LinkedIn generated times more B2B leads than Facebook, Twitter and Google+ combined. LinkedIn Boot Camp Presenter: Chad Anderson April 8th, 2013 There are over .
million company
pages on LinkedIn Wrap Up - Final Thoughts Mobile Company Page Recap Insights - Consistent employee profiles reflect well on the company
Profile Pictures
Company description
Job description
Complete skills and expertise

Current Product & Services pages showcase the company's offerings and allow employees to then share with their network.

Current Job Listings
Allowing applicants to apply right on the page.

Company Postings
Industry news
Awards and Recognitions Networking Recap Search for Connections Weekly.
Existing email services
Collegiate networks
Location/Company Search

Seek out and participate in industry groups and discussions.
This is where your potential customers and industry contacts are.

Post updates to your profile so that you remain active and visible.

Include skills and expertise in your profile
This will ensure that you appear in LinkedIn searches, and allows you to receive endorsements.

Make sure your company info is current. Personal Profile Recap Include a Professional Profile Picture as well as clear and concise basic information.

Make the Summary section about you.
Tell YOUR professional story and what drives you.
This is the opportunity to make your profile more than an online resume.

Include your detailed professional experience.
Link to the company's LinkedIn page.
Include dates of employment.
Include all work duties and any awards or recognition you received.

Include all education and any collegiate societies, clubs, or organizations. Include a list of all relevant industry skills and expertise.
This will allow people to endorse you for your work and will appear on your company page.

Recommend colleagues, clients, and business associates.
This is a public acknowledgment of great work!
Be sure to reciprocate!

Connect with as many people and groups as you can.
This demonstrates that you're involved and engaged in your industry.
This WILL generate industry contacts for you and help you network. LinkedIn is a valuable professional networking tool. But like any tool, if you're not using it correctly, you're wasting time and effort. Questions? Cover Photo - this is the opportunity to showcase your company/brand

Recent Updates - this is how you share and engage with your network.

Careers - post new careers and allow applicants to apply

Products & Services - showcase your company's offerings Importance of Complete Profiles April 8th, 2013 Best Practices It only takes 10-15 minutes each week to stay connected and visible on LinkedIn
Post updates at least once a week, but no more than 3 times a day.
Share and like the posts of your company & colleagues.
Endorse a connection for their skills at least once a week.
Research and connect prior to and after meetings.
Participate in one group discussion. New Window Opens Thank You,
Miller Group! THANK YOU,

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