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The First Steps Leading to the "Final Solution"

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Hunter Bolling

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of The First Steps Leading to the "Final Solution"

The First Steps Leading to the "Final Solution"
Rise to Power January 30, 1933 Hitler legally becomes chancellor Refused to come into power unless it was by legally Three Terrors of the Nazi Regime The Gestapo Security Service (S.D.) Elite Gaurd (S.S.) Hitler and the Jews HITLER On August 2, 1934 German President Hindenburg died. HItler then became the new president while still holding the spot of chancellor. He then declared himself Reichsfuhrer or Leader of the Reich. In 1933 the Enabling Act was passed which gave him complete power to ignoreand operate free from the constitution Used Propoganda to spread fear of Jews through out Germany

April 21st Hitler banned the law of slaughtering animals for Jewish Koshur food

April 25th the total enrollment of Jews for higher education could not succeed 1.5%

"The Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honor" was passed in 1935. Forbade marriage and sexual contact with jews

Anyone who had at least two Jewish Grandparents was considered a jew and therefor were subjects of the state instead of citizens.

Book Burning's started in 1933

Government agencies used to install fear in the Jews Run by the Minister of the Interior of Prussia,Goring, who administered 2/3 of Germany and controlled the Prussian Police

Used against Goring's political opponents but later used against enemies of the Regime.

Could arrest and imprison anyone with any regard to the court or the law.

Later came under the control of Heinrcih Himmler
Lead by Heinrich Himmler

Collected confidential information on all of the party members

Originally a guard for Hitler but turned into an empire of terror

Himmler was a strong believer in breeding Nordic blondes as future war overlords.

Enlisted only the most loyal followers of Hitler

At the peak the Elite Gaurd had 52,000 followers

Controlled the Concentration Camps Ruled by Reinhard Heydrich and was noted to have "murderous effectiveness."

Was a sub structre within the S.S

Had no more than 3,000 people.

Gathered Blackmail on even Hitler himself

Hired a Nazi expert on Jews who would moniter jews in Germany
"burned" the jewish influence out of society and sparked the Nazi Regime in everyone.
The Final Solution
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