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Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII

No description

johnathan headen

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII

# luther faith saves people not goods works will always lead you to heaven the god choose wethjer you go or not
# Luthe had nailed a sign on the church door that had 95 things on it and it had his ideas on what all was wrong with the church
#Luther was from a Holy place in Roman Empire (Germany) Martin Luther John Calvin had broke from the Cathloic Church and he had got some people and they started they on church it was the named after John Claivin it was called the Calvinst Church
# John Calvin ideas had spreaded all through Scattdale and through North America and it went more place than that
@Q: Why were Calvin and his men and his followers was called Protestant?
A: Because they was Protestant against the Cathloic Church
Q:Why is it said that the Protestant started a Reformatioon?
A: Because they wanted the Cathloic Church to Reform-or change John Calvin Henry VIII Henry VIII tried to get a divcorce from his wife but the Pope's from the Cathlolic Church wouldnt let him.
@Henry Had left the Cathloic Church just like John Calvin but Henry VIII had left and started his on church it was called the Anglions Church
# Henry VIII and the Cathlioc Church was just alike but the Aglions Church didnt have no Popes but the Cathloic Church had many Popes John Calvin, Henry VIII, and Martin Luther
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