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Timeline of Anne Frank


Lauren Hughes

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Timeline of Anne Frank

Reasons for Extinction The Story of the Secret Annex On the Outside:
Unassuming On the Inside:
Illegal It housed the best known Jewish family of the Holocaust:
The Franks Mr. Frank Finds Diary After being liberated, Mr. Frank returns to the Secret Annex along with Mr. Kraler and Miep. They find Anne's diary, and begin to read it. The van Daan's worry that something happened to the Franks, but in reality the just has a long way to walk. They reached the Secret Annex safely and soon learned the rules of living in their situation and got accustomed to them. Arrival at the Secret Annex November 1945 July 1942 Anne Receives Diary Anne's mother tells her to look in a box on the table. In it are her pictures of movie stars. At the bottom there is an empty diary, which she will come to write these events in. Same Day Anne Gets a Nickname Peter and Anne bicker. Peter begins to call her "Mrs. Quack Quack". We also learn about their general life. The members of the Secret Annex must sit doing lessons, reading, anything quiet all day until 6 p.m. Then they can move around. They also depend on Miep for necessary supplies. September 1942 Mr. Dussel Arrives Mr. Kraler visits with a message. Miep's husband has a friend in need of a place to hide. They all agree to allow him to move in. Same Day-That Night Anne has a Nightmare Anne wakes screaming one night. After waking up the entire house, everyone begins to quarrel about it. Anne's mother tries to comfort her, but she refuses. Anne asks instead for her father. We learn how Anne feels guilty for being a bad person. This is the first of many incidences with Anne and her mother. November 1942 First day of Hanukkah December 4, 1942 It was the first day of Hanukkah. After reading from the Torah, Mr. Frank lit the first candle on the menorah. After this several things happen: Anne leaves the room and returns with a gift for each person
Mr. van Daan threatens to throw Mouschi out
Someone breaks into the shop and steals the cash box and radio

Miep and Mr. Kraler come to wish everyone a Happy New Year. At this visit several things happen: We learn Mouschi is gone
Miep brings a cake for everyone to share
Mr. Kraler suspects his employee as the thief
Mr. van Daan forces Mrs. Van Daan to sell her fur coat Overall, the general tension between the group is shown in this scene. Miep and Mr. Kraler Visit January 1943 Peter and Anne connect This is the first we learn of Peter and Anne becoming good friends. They begin to talk about their situation with each other. Same Day March 1944 Ration Books Taken Away- Mr. Kraler in the Hospital The suppliers of the extra ration books that the members of the Annex used are arrested. They are all starving. We also learn that Mr. Kraler is in the hospital for ulcers. Peter and Anne Kiss After careful grooming on both sides, Peter and Anne meet for their customary chat. As Anne is leaving, they kiss. April 1944 May 1944 Mr. Van Daan is confronted In the middle of the night, Mrs. Frank is awoken by Mr. Van Daan. He is stealing food out of the cupboard. It is learned that he has been doing this a very long time. Mrs. Frank is so exasperated that she screams for them to move out. It is halted when there is a knock on their door. News of the Invasion Miep is at the door. She shares wonderful news that the invasion has begun off the coast of Normandy. They soon begin to celebrate. Seeing it as an end to the war, all begin to apologize for their wrong doings including Mrs. Frank, Mr. Van Daan and Anne. Same Night The Green Police Come The phone begins ringing over and over down stairs. Seeing that the group is split on what to do about it, they leave it unanswered. Soon after, the Green Police batter the door down. They find them upstairs and take them to the waiting truck outside. August 4, 1944 This is how it began... And this is how it ended. This is a timeline of the events that happened there. This is a timeline of the events that happened there. This is a timeline of the events that happened there. This is a timeline of the events that happened there. This is a timeline of the events that happened there. Finds the diary Finds the diary Finds the diary Finds the diary Finds the diary Finds the diary Finds the diary Finds the diary Finds the diary Arrival worry 1942 1942
1942 get accustommed arrival arrival arrival arrival worry worry July The Franks Arrive message
Miep Invited in after some thought share with anne dutch man targeted quack quack frustrate bicker quiet depend annoy live together difficult anger boredom young take some getting used to immature antagonize peter begins to call her general life 6 o'clock absolute silence consequences 6 o'clock boredom mrs. quack quack nickname September September help! arrives Hanukkah menorah steal thief Happy New Year new year several things greed selfish tension annoyance mouschi cake cake fair equal connect youth independent share good friends youth starving food orchestra hospital less food hungry food ration books hungry food kiss kiss kiss kiss romance understand longing first kiss "Peter, how many girls have you kissed?" "You know, one of those kissing games?" talking engaged grooming impress "Don't think I'm in love or something because I'm not." " confronted thief steal from children! May 1944 1944 appalled confront awake scream stealing awaken confront leave believe dishonest hungry kick out night steal unbelievable apologize invasion invasion guilty rejoice americans news hope poles british miep is at the door end of the war happy good news relief forgive celebrate light spirited ecstatic radio good news end "Until now we have lived in fear. Now we can life in hope." 5 minutes green police fear hatred rough terror suffer german the end August 4, 1944 come break in terror unsafe good-bye 5 minutes january story story story story story story every place has a story every person has a background every item has a history ending background story a history history history every item has a history ending background ending anne frank mr. frank mrs. frank peter mr. van daan mrs. van daan mr. dussel miep mr. kraler margot mr. van daan mrs. van daan peter mrs. frank mr. frank mr. dussel margot peter anne margot anne peter margot peter anne margot Mr. Frank finishes reading the Diary Once Mr. Frank finishes reading, he, Miep, and Mr. Kraler discuss what happened after he was taken. They speak of how the members of the Annex were split between concentration camps and they believe the thief told the authorities. This is the end of the play. November 1945 peter
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