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Community Shares 28.6.17 Final

No description

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Community Shares 28.6.17 Final

Community Shares
How are they different?
There is no capital appreciation
Shares are withdrawable but not transferable
1 member 1 vote, no matter how much you invest or how many shares
Interest payable only if and when right for your organisation
Governed by FSA
Community Benefit Society, CCBS or CIC PLC
Why would you use them?
Increased flexibility from traditional funders
Demonstrates buy in to other stakeholders
Shareholders become actively involved in decision making
Democratic ownership
Protects assets of community value
Shareholders become customers increasing income
Most investments are given as donations
Hastings Pier, Kent
The Bell Inn, Bath
FC United, Manchester
£2 million
What are community shares?
A way of raising investment from the very people who will benefit from your project, the community
In exchange for democratic participation
But this is Debt not Equity
So why do people invest?
Supporting their community
Saving something from being lost
Potential interest payment competitive with other savings accounts
Social Investment Tax Relief - Income Relief of 30%
Promoting your offer
Community Shares Checklist
Do you have a compelling community need?
Is there a business model underpinning it?
Are you open to community ownership?
Do you have strong networks?
Do you have a committed founding group?
If so;
Further Info


Jubilee Pool, Penzance
Par Track, Par
If you have a local challenge and strong community support, and you're up for an exciting but sometimes bumpy ride, then community shares could be an amazing way to galvanise your community...
Convert legal structure?
Create business plan
Develop share offer
Bright Ideas Fund
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