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No description

Nicklas Slott

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Denmark.

Places to go.
You can use the metro (subway)
2 Black people comes to Copenhagen...
Amager beach
If you are in the airport, can you just take a taxi, or the metro you just take the metro to Vanløse.
And they go to..
Chistania are a turist thing, where you can buy all sort of stuff.
You can there by takeing the metro, to Christianshavn, and then just ask ohter where christania are.
Amager beach
The little mermade
You come here by metro, bus, train or walking.
If you come from central station, you can just walk about 10meter.
It's a amusement park, where you just can relax.
You just lay on the beach.
You go there when the sun is there and it's hot.

The litlle mermade.
It is a turist thing, where you can get icecream n' stuff.
You get there by, take the bus.
The blue planet
The blue planet
It is an place where you can sleep with the fish
It is pretty expensive, but i would still do it, cause is it pretty fun to see the fish, and the people that can sleep with the fishes are also pretty funny.
You just take the taxi.
Or the subway
it could also be other people.
Or the taxi
Or the taxi
Or the taxi
The dansih flag is named "Danebrog

By Hans and Nicklas.
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