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Arranged Marriage

No description

Meenu Pillai

on 10 June 2017

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Transcript of Arranged Marriage

this issue “thrives only in silence. You [the audience] have the power to end”… Arranged marriages…“simply by shining a spotlight on it”
-Leslie Steiner
-Why Domestic Violence Victims Don't Leave
-Ted Talks
Arranged Marriages:
The bad and Ugly

History of Arranged Marriages
in Europe and Asia
by royalty and nobility
for years
kept bloodline safe
royalty married each
to the point wher
e cousins were

marrying each o
What can be done?
What about women who are afraid to speak up and ask for help due to influences by those around her?
This is why people need to be informed, about this issue so that they can identify the victims and take actions to help the women find a voice.
If a women were to take legal action in regard with permanently separating from her family, wouldn't she be risking more than just her freedom, for ex. the memories she experienced while growing up?
Sure she'll consider her happy memories when she contemplates her decision, but she should be entitled to her freedoms as well, rather than continue to be a puppet. After all, women should choose to take actions for themselves to become happy rather than accept the poor treatment they receive and follow other people's commands to make them happy.
different types of marriages
led to
single parenthood
drug addiction
no pressure from family
independence in relationship
people basically don't have a choice in choosing their potential mate
being guiltily convinced by parents to marry their choice
couples stay together longer
shame would be brought onto the girl's side for divorcing
two people are joined together in holy matrimony
Honor Killings
Forced Marriage
Domestic violence
3 main results of Arranged Marriages
common ground
women used as
educate everyone around the world of the harms of an arranged marriage.
form organizations to take action and help those in need
spread of harm done by arranged marriages
shelters for the victims
a sense of
a self-determined free life
legal support and advice
When the daughter doesn't want to marry the potential suitor the parents have chosen, the father, brother, male figure in the family kills the daughter
daughter is killed to save the family's honor in the culture
occurs in Muslim culture
mothers are to blame for the daughter's actions
daughters seen as source of honor
parents marry their children off at very young ages
<13 years-children
in some cases, the girls will be married off to older men
>40 years old
children are married of young because...
children are a burden
avoid having the child cause any trouble that will make it harder for the child to get married when he/she becomes older
family is poor
they're getting rid of another mouth that needs to be fed
where people in the family are being hurt severely by a loved one
anyone can be a victim
most common in families
everyone is affected
directly and indirectly
victims are afraid to leave the relationship due to :
death by the abuser
a breakage in the family bond
children show signs as well
become scares
displays the challenges of living in a family that experiences problems through drawings
behavior changes
some become bad kids
disrupt class
others will try to avoid attention
Perfect targets for bullies
Problems....and ways around them
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