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X lot uconn

Using one large image

Joelle Fundaro

on 15 July 2010

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Transcript of X lot uconn

Attemping change at UConn Spring Weekend X-LOT 30
Credits to Yellow Group SLI 2010

X LOT Statistics •Number of arrests
•Number of participators
•Number of deaths
Method of Implementation
-Stricter implementation
of the police code
-Training the police
-Heavier carding
-Flood light
-DUI check-points
•Stronger police presence •Guest Regulation -pre-concert events
•Alliances w/ surrounding
Universities, high schools,
& city council
-Violence & vandalism

-A student death
-Lack of safety
-Pass out water

•First aid centers
•Excessive Drinking
•Lack of student safety

-Inclusive, Entertaining, Safe
-Student Day Service
-Student Tradition- Fun

GOAL Regulating
•A New culture A New X-Lot Restructure

•Alternative programs at X-Lot

•Beer Garden

•Guest Regulation

-80% of vandalism non-students
- Eliminate outside community kids
- Lockdown residence hall
- Recruit Outside vendor
-Regulate excessive drinking
-Involving student leaders & athletes as role models
-Alternative programs
Provide grants for orgs that are willing to :
-Host event
-Mini concerts -Zero-tolerance guest policy
-Programming & Campaigns
-Special floor meetings
•Residence Hall Education

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