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DISC Who am I?

Story of me

Camille Garcia

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of DISC Who am I?

Who Am I ? All about me I am a SICD I am calm
I am light hearted and carefree
I do have urges to be critical on detail
I have dreams... Dreams where I know I can accomplish them The D person in my life The I person in my life The S person in my life The C person in my life The 2 ways that show I am smart Visual Leaner Kinesthetic Learner I am like this because when I try to understand something whether it is a school subject or anything, as I read I also take notes to get a better understand of it myself, because sometimes I need to look them over more than once I am like this because I tend to listen or walk around when I try to remember something sometimes there are days when I don't have the patience to sit for hours and sometimes when i move around I am able to practice remembering them instead of staring at a page filled with words. Dessert situations I am Calm........ There are days this is good because I don't panic nor worry about anything or anyone But then there are days being calm doesn't help for I have the tendency to not show a lot of emotion A situation like this happened when one day I had to work on a project and this project was going to help me get my grade up, But being calm as I was, I didn't put enough effort and ended getting a low grade, and as soon I got my grade, my reaction was neutral Learning Style My strongest learning style has to be visual because I do things a lot better if I understand the logic better myself when I either draw or write it in my own understanding. Other things you should know I enjoy English, History, Math, Science, Art and of course Careers I love cars that I have an obsession over them. I read anything interesting. I love swimming when I get the chance. I enjoy anything where I am able to get my hands involved (like rock climbing or tree climbing). I also enjoy anything fast, mostly cars and roller coasters. Sometimes this has to do with my learning style, I don't know how but most of time these types of enjoyment just comes naturally to me Top 5 Values Friendship
Personality What holds for me next? To be honest, I have no guarantee of what I want to be, but somewhere I can see myself as either a lawyer or an industrial designer living in either Chicago or New York. As much as having a family goes, I can see it but not till later. For now I just to focus on getting a good job and living life till the end. I hope what ever I do become whether it is the two jobs I mentioned or not, I am willing to see what they hold for me becuase I know along the way I will learn or gain something from it, whether I notice it or not. ( My Dad) ( My friend) (My Friend) I feel my dad is this personalty because he is the type to be critical and he does think a lot of the things he does. An example of this is when he practices golf, he is very cautious and careful about his swings and he gets annoyed if the swing doesn't go the way he wants it to, I feel my friend is this way because she is the type to take charge and does want things in order. It does make sense for me and for her to feel this way because among our group of friends we tend to get out of hand and having someone like her to keep us together is the way we want it. (My Mom) I feel my mom is like this because she does have a lot of interaction with people and she does have this effect on people that she isn't sure about but people do feel she is a good woman. An example of this is that her work requires talking with people and the fact she has this experience she is able to handle different kinds of people. I feel my friend is like this because whenever I am stuck on something like a drawing or a show I ask her on how she feels about it and what her opinion is on it and when I tell her what I think, she has opinions that do help me have a better understanding of it. This is the end! Or is it? Well, my life isn't, but this powerpoint is..... Words that describe me Supportive Calm Sweet Easy going Softhearted
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