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Key Vocabulary words for 8th grade

No description

Vanessa Delallana

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Key Vocabulary words for 8th grade

Key Vocabulary Words for 8th grade math slope-intercept form Most frequently used way to express a cinear equation. y=mx+b Negative correlation two data set have a negative correlation if one set have a negative correlation ione set of data values increeses while the other decreases Positive Correlation two data set have a positive correlation when their data vale increase or decrease togather Box-n-Whisker plot a graph that displays the highest and lowest quarlie displays the highest and the lowest quartile of data as whiskers, the middle two quarers of the data as a box, and the median Sqaure Root one of the equal factors of a number By: Combination an arrangment of items or events in which order dose not matter by Vanessa, Remona, and Edger
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