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Chronicle of a Death Foretold Interactive Oral

No description

Lexi Clarke

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Chronicle of a Death Foretold Interactive Oral

Chronicle of a Death Foretold by: Joanna, Monique
Marlena and Lexi Marquez's Personal Life Religion vs Government Traditions forbidden divorce
no bridesmaid or best mans
exchanging of coins Ironic because Bayardo never followed wedding traditions, but seemed to be devoted to his faith Virginity Men were allowed to participate in sexual activities
Poor women, or women of a low social class were not ridiculed for being sexually active -> leads to prostitution
Women in higher social classes were obligated to be abstinent. Angela, possible prostitute? Honor Mans duty to protect honor
Considered to be a legal code
Honor trumps morality and human right Religion Culture- The rise of religion and different races settled mostly by the spanish and Portuguese immigrants and became dominant over the native population
established their society and culture by aggressive means Religion At the time of publication of the novel in columbia 95% of the people were roman Catholics
Church was an institution of authority and unfluences structures of society and acted as a government system that was rarely questioned Difference in rural and urban communities Rural areas were geographically isolated and lacked proper and formal religious practices and training The Bishop The bishops in Colombia tended to lack genuine qualities and didn't always follow their faith when it came to their personal lives. What would have happened if the Bishop got off of the boat? Magic Realism and its Elements Magic Realism fiction that maintains a discourse appropriate to an objective and realistic narrative, while recounting eccentric events alongside commonplace happenings CDF- based solely on pragmatic ideas with only a slight bit of impractical imagery Which Type is Chronicle? "It always amuses me that the biggest praise for my work comes for the imagination while the truth is that there's not a single line in all my work that does not have a basis in reality" Grandfather taught him history, reality and imagination
Grandmother introduced him to superstition, legends and dream interpretation Connections with Text
Page 17, "It was a fleeting illusion... all that remained was the uproar of roosters"
Page 25, "He was around thirty years old... he had the waist of a novice bull fighter, golden eyes, and a skin slowly roasted by salt and pepper."
Page 84, "...the widower Xius told the mayor that he''d seen a phosphorescent bird fluttering over his former home, and he though it was the soul of his wife, who was going about demanding what was hers." Dreams, Visions, Superstitions Provide foreshadowing/foreboding
All elements of magic realism
Help us understand the characters on a new level that is more complex than looking at them without their personal beliefs Sources of information about the future, spiritual world or about oneself.

Dreams are unique windows into the "other side of reality" or to predict the future. Superstitions an unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event. Marquez possible societal outcast just like Santiago? Violence violent actions were permitted
actions were recognized to be a manifestation of powerful human emotions and honor which is exemplified within the novella Courting definition: to be involved romantically it was typical for Colombians to court someone a year prior to marriage chaperones were present at all time to protect a maiden's honor Marquez was exposed to influential opinions from his grandfather from a young age. The Banana Strike Massacre 32,000 workers were killed for expressing what they believed they deserved Marquez was told stories, developing his knowledge on an unjust Colombia Connection to Personal Life setting is the small, allowing for personal connections to be made based on a true story (Marquez did know the man who was killed) Marquez's grandfather was a realistic male figure in his life grandfather- a Liberal veteran, fought for the division between church and state
belief that politics should not be intertwined with religion
"My political views probably came from him" "La Violencia or "The Violence" a civil war between the Conservatives and Liberals 200,000 innocent people were killed
Marquez's opinion of hypocritical religious views as 85% of the population was Roman Catholic William Faulkner plot centering around a society
the abuses of power
both points allowed for a personal connection with his Colombian life As Previously Stated.. the novella is based on a true story
Marquez constantly asks why?
emits anger and confusion due to a lost life for no proven reason Views on Roman Catholic Religion this religion is hypocritical
thou shall not kill? however, when associated with honor, you can?
“Disbelief is more resistant than faith because it is sustained by the senses” Marquez has more contemporary beliefs as opposed to traditional Roman Catholic beliefs Perhaps Marquez converted from Catholicism due to his negative opinion on Colombian religion and its hypocrisy. Mother was embarrassed about misinterpreting the dreams about the trees and the birds

Marquez is satirizing the seriousness of dreams in Latin American culture, as he finds them to be ridiculous and unimportant. Marquez does not live a traditional Latin American lifestyle, but the characters in his books seem to. Clotilde Armenta claims years after the murder that she thought Santiago “already looked like a ghost” when she saw him at dawn that morning.
Margot Santiaga, listening to Santiago boast that his wedding will be even more magnificent than Angela Vicario’s she “felt the angel pass by.” Visions in the text Take Note Of the acts of violence (ex. Banana Strike Massacre & la violencia) and unnecessary murders enticed Marquez to express his opinion on Colombian society and religion Marquez knew of the man who had been murdered, questioning why this happened? Marquez wants to expose the truth about Colombian religion looked up to his grandfather who wanted a division of church and state
Marquez has the same beliefs as his grandfather (realistic male figure in M's life)
Marquez, just as his grandfather, had a desire to express his views
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