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Deep Web

No description

Ahmad Basaruddin

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of Deep Web

TORCH - Supposedly indexes over 600,000 .onion sites:

DuckDuckGo - Also an awesome clearnet search engine that respects your privacy. This doesn't actually search for Hidden Services, but it's similar to searching with a proxy: http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

DeepSearch - An alternate search engine that indexes Hidden Services: http://xycpusearchon2mc.onion/

The Abyss - Search engine run by Administrator, updated often: http://nstmo7lvh4l32epo.onion/

Torgle - The old search engine has been resurrected!: http://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion/torgle/

Deep Web
Deep Web
can be referred to:
Online Banking Account
Accessed behind an anonymizing wall
A guide to the deepest site

HTTPS – Everywhere
To help you get pass most
https encryption safely

Basically to help you gain
security by detecting malware, preventing tracking software.

Shadow Web Red Room Entrance
- pay admission to watch murder rape in real time
Cruel Onion Wiki
- torture, rape, murder, animal brutality.
Forbidden Videos
- offers anything you want, rape torture, child pornography, murder. Pay to watch
Pedo Support
- teach ways of having sex with children without getting caught, how to kidnap a child, commit a rape and get away with it
Assassins Community
- hitmen service to kill, have both killers and people who are wanted dead
Rape Site
- spousal to stranger, truth or rape,
- how to rape women and make them your sex slave
Cam A Lot
- live access to live cams and sexes and girls of all age
- Invisible part of the internet
- Can’t be indexed in search engine
- As known as ‘DeepNet’’DarkWeb’’HiddenWeb'
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