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How to Fix a Zipper

No description

Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How to Fix a Zipper

How to Fix a Zipper
fixing that zipper that is driving you crazy
Step 1:
Sharpen your pencil to a fine point.
Step 2:
Focus your efforts on any known problem areas along the zipper, since these areas need to be smoothed out the most.
Step 4:
Next, apply the graphite to the entire zipper in order to create a nice, smooth path
Step 3:
Rub the sharpened tip of the pencil on the teeth on all sides to coat them with a graphite powder.

What you’ll need:

Graphite Pencil and the zipper you are fixing
Step 5:
Step 6:
If working with a zipper caught on the fabric, rub as much graphite beneath and around the pull as possible. You can also rub a little of the graphite onto the fabric itself in order to help pull it free from the zipper.
Next try to zip up the zipper, it should work nice and smoothly now. If not repeat steps 2-5 until satisfied.
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