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Innovative Toy inc.

No description

Ellen Chen

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Innovative Toy inc.

Obstacles selling in supermarkets
- Overwhelming choice of retail outlets

- Consumers perceive infant toys in supermarket as low quality

-Customers are not heavily inclined towards impulse purchases of infant toys

-Reasons given for not purchasing infant toys include poor selection

-Limited shelves spaces

-Consumers express a maximum to spend up to $9 on an unplanned infant toy purchase

Member channel selection process
Market Infant toy line through supermarket
Innovative Toy inc.

Innovative Toy Inc.
Innovative Toy Inc. developed a new toy line of 6 high quality toys for infants. Fierce competition for shelf space amongst major retail channels has lead Innovative to consider the possibility of selling the new infant toy line through supermarkets.

Consumers shopping behavior and Channel design
Thank you for listening
Any questions
- Pregnant Women and mothers
- Products cover maternity, postnatal recovery and baby care
- Large market coverage
- International (10 countries)
- Multi-channel (online and physical store)

Company Background
- Fits into standards for desired general merchandise (GM) product

-Favorable impulse buying, size and stability

- Women shoppers

-High product quality

-Price acceptance
- All kid products
-Large market coverage (multiple stores)
-Mother and pregnant women customers
-Multi-channel: Physical store and online store

Innovative Toys is a privately owned company based in Massachusetts, being founded in August 2008 Innovative Toys is still new to the industry.
The goal of the company is to create unique and quality toys for kids of all ages.
The first product line, the 'Scare Me Not' collection of plush toys was designed to take the scary aspect away from monsters for children aged 2-5 years, and has been relatively successful.
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