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Boewulf Kennings

No description

mike turpel

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Boewulf Kennings

Beowulf Kennings Sin-stained demon-referring to Grendel an his evilness. line number: 483
The famous ring-giver-it is describing Hrothgar
line number: 341 Hyphenated compound Kennings Ruler of the heavens- Referring to god
line number: 631
A creature from above- describing Beowulf going down to fight Grendals mother
line number: 576-577 Prepositional Kenning Almighty's enemy- referring to Grendel
Line number: 467
Beowulf's Band- the people that came with him to Herot.
Line number: 475-476 Possessive Kenning THE END!
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