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No description

Brianna Geesaman

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Music

By Brianna Geesaman and Kayla Logar
Many, many parallel lines in a piano!
Rectangle in a choir folder!
What shapes are in sheet music??
Acute angles!!!
Sharps have a parallelogram!
Dotted notes have
The middle line of the staff is the perpendicular bisector of the measure line!
Lines of the staff are parallel!!
A clarinet has a
line segment
What shapes are in a piano??
The screws of a
timpani drum are
A gong has concentric circles!!
Lots of rectangles in an xylophone!!
A cylinder in a microphone!
A drum stand forms a pyramid!
Lots of cylinders
in chimes!!!
16th notes have 2 pairs
of parallel lines!!
An instrument case has a semicircle!
A cowbell is a
A triangle has a triangle!
The stage makes a
The speakers form the
of the upper edge of the stage!
What shapes can you find on risers?
How about a trumpet?
parallel lines
in a piano!!!
Word Problems!!!
A Rectangle!
A tuba?
Congruent Circles!

Mrs. Butz was ordering a drum online. She wanted to know how big the drum was, but the description only said that the circumference was about 273.95 centimeters. She thought that maybe she could find the diameter from using the circumference, but she needs your help! What is the diameter of the drum if the circumference is 273.95cm?
Thanks for watching!
Edward is picking out a piano to put in his house. He wants it to go along a wall where he has 55 inches of space. He found a piano that he likes but isn't sure if it'll fit. If the top of the piano has an area of 486 square inches and is 9 inches wide, will the piano fit in Edward's house?
Yes! The piano is 54 inches long
The diameter is 87.2 centimeters!
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