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Empathy Map

Assignment for the course of Design Thinking Lab of Stanford University

Diego de Miranda

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of Empathy Map

I see the University as an institution that prepared me for the profession I chose, I teach theory and practice, making me make sure about the career I have chosen and becoming a good professional in the segment.

The biggest challenge emerging from College is finding a job that is an area that I really enjoy and have a good salary. Why get a job, I don't see how a difficulty, though everyone complain about the market in my area. But to find a job that is really what I want and chose for me and, at the same time, have a good salary, I think a challenge.

Another tricky point is what to do when you finish college. Powders or contest. The good side is that it is much easier to get a cool job and with a better salary with upper level. And I'll have more time...
Empathy Map
Ramona is an girl with some dreams. She has twenty years, is student of journalism, intern of an tourism agency and a writer in a blog.
Tell Me what you think or how do you see about the University and the transition between it and the job market.
So these things as the "market works" and "standards" I discouraged Yes, because the Faculty of journalism focuses on 90% in te prepare for a market of journalism that doesn't interest me. But, only the Faculty of journalism that can forward me to this area of screenwriter here in Brazil, which is what I want.

What animates me and never let me give up is the success of my blog and my Facebook pages. I hope to get a good money, doing what I love. Obvious right? Through complicated, because journalism is not a very well paid, but my segment is different, though more difficult, so I think it's possible . I'll do my postgraduate studies in screenwriter, but keeping the pages and the blog (which are a lot, because people already know me and I think this basic).
Then, journalism is a very broad area. And I do not want what the majority wants, which is to work on a newspaper or television news, love writing, but not news.

In fact, I'll be screenwriter! But only after the postgraduate ... So I would like to write in a magazine, for example! Or in any social media thing, but nothing plastered knows. I hate! I hate that you have to follow a model, lead it, lead it, factual blah blah blah, have to be impartial, have to be direct, character, a bag limit. I don't like to inform people. I like to write, free. I think that writing is a gift, you know? Inform is training, anyone does, just know the formula. I find it very dull.
I started to write my book! The script is ready since last year and I don't go out on page two. Laziness, shame on me hi hi hi. Ask Me everyday for this book, it's all ready, I have release schema if you need to cover and I can not stop to write! I am lazy and ridiculous as write on the computer the internet takes all my time, temptation too hi hi hi.
I fully understand. But what you think and what it defines as "a job that I want"? What you would attract and satisfy in a certain place?
Tell Me of Ramona, person and student, how it feels to accomplish this transition? Something has happened that you encouraged or discouraged in those college years?
What you already have done with respect to their future or something that made it important for you?
Ramona has a very big potential and an ambitious vision but can be achieved.
Ramona demonstrates have chosen an alternate path to reach your goal. By similarity decided to attend journalism on behalf of cultural knowledge that would acquire as well as the techniques of writing. Apparently she planned to brief the path you want to pursue to achieve their goals, even with several uncertainties and apparent ignorance of some aspects of the career market.
The popularity of Ramona is great due to your blog where he talks about relationships and feminism and their pages on Facebook, which provides you with a wide network of contacts that can be of great use in future situations related to his career and make her a more confident person and demanding.
Apparently the need more urgent is unable to manage well its time to realize its projects and achieve your goals. This was clear in the comment about the book she is writing.
I'll discuss the point of systematization and organization of timetables of Ramona for her time to become more productive and longer lasting apparently.
Questioning and Insights:
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