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External Storage Devices

For Mr. Sims 8th period class

Rafael Rosario

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of External Storage Devices

Flash Drives Flash drives are currently the most common type of
External storage because it is easy to get and inexpensive. They can hold from 512 mb to 32 gbs. Compact Disk (CD) CDs are still widely used today for Games, Music, and Videos. CDs can be to do many things but they are most commonly used to run programs. External Hard Drives External hard drives are like flash drives but they carry a lot more memory. Anywhere from 32GB to 3TB External Storage devices by Rafael Rosario SD Cards An SD card is an easy and compact
storage chip, that you barely notice. SD cards are commonly used in mobile devices, but they can also be used in computers. Floppy Disk Floppy Disk are now
obsolete, but it was once the most used storage device. External Hard Drive An external hard drive is currently one of the most useful storage devices because it can hold more memory than any other storage device. A good external hard drive is from Toshiba.
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