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No description

Caroline Kish

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Eubacteria

Eubacteria -prokaryotic -unicellular Autotrophic Heterotrophic Cell Wall ~reproduce through asexual
reproduction such as binary fission ~3 different shapes:
-cocci (spherical)
-spirilla (wavy-shaped)
-bacilla (rod-shaped) Domain: Bacteria Chemotrophic ~typically only 1-10 micometers long and .7-1.5 micrometers wide Benefits: How eubacteria consume food Cell Wall Characteristics of Eubacteria Scientific name: Clostridium tetani Common name: Tetanus Scientific name: Neisseria meningitidus Common name: Meningitis Scientific name: Streptomyces griseus Common name: Streptomycin Harms: Bacillus anthracis Pseudomonas aeruginosa Spirochaetes borrelia Quiz: 3. What are the three shapes of eubacteria? 2. What makes up the cell walls of eubacteria? 5. Name one way that eubacteria is benefitial and one way that it is harmful. Halomonas titanicae 1. How do eubacteria reproduce? 4. Describe one method eubacteria use to get food. Works Cited (n.d) Kingdom Eubacteria . Retrieved January 17, 2013 from , http://danmarkltd.tripod.com/taxonomy/id6.html (n.d.) Eubacteria .Retrieved from January 17, 2013, from http://faculty.college-prep.org/~bernie/sciproject/project/Kingdoms/Bacteria3/eubacteria.htm Madigan, M.T., Martinko. J.M., and Panker, J. (1998). Eubacteria . Retrieved from January-17-2013 from http;//www.encyclopedia,com/topic/Eubacteria.aspx Biggs, A., Hagins, W. C., Holliday, W.G., Kapicka, C.L., Lundgren, l., MacKenzie, A.H., Rogers, W.D., Sewer, M. B., Zike, D., (2008) Biology .Ohio:Glencoe/McGraw Hill. By Kayla Puni and Caroline Kish
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