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Metamorphosis - English

No description

Philippe Drouillon

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Metamorphosis - English

Strategy & Business Models
The Human Element : Management, Teams & Ways of working
Sustainable development, resilience & shared value creation
Lean & Business Excellence
Leading Change
common thread
Designing and deploying a roadmap for
strategic and operational Excellence
a culture and a Lean approach of continuous improvement
of organisational performances (Responsible Lean) without putting the workforce under "negative" pressure
Putting in place
performance management and performance dialogues
at all levels of the organisations
Deploying a
continuous improvement / Lean toolbox
(5S, Problem Solving, Value Stream Mapping, DMAIC, SIPOC, SMED,...)
robust and integrated management systems
according to standards like ISO 9004/ 9001 or EFQM while including Environmental, Health, Safety and Lean
project management and project portfolio management
Structures & Processes
(Re)designing and implementing
organisation structure
(or a specific part of it)
Designing and putting in place the
governance model(s)
of your organisation : decision-taking processes, interfaces management, interaction with internal and external stakeholders,...
key strategic and operational processes
of your organisation
Setting up and
designing an organisation managed by its key strategic and operational processes
(definition, implementation, follow up, improvement)
and designing new processes
Designing and managing
project portfolio
in an
Defining and et deploying a
knowledge management
Setting up
methodologies for mapping, capturing, sharing, transferring critical
expertise, know-how and knowledge
information management
within your organisation (Lean Information Management)
Strategy & Business Models
Setting up
aimed at
defining / reviewing the mission, vision and strategy
of your organisation in small and/or large groups
mapping and analysing of the
value chain and value propositions
of your organisation
Designing / updating
performance scorecards / dashboards
(e.g. balanced scorecards) and deploying them within your organisation
business models
e.g. Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean
Setting up
scenario building workshops

Structures & Processes
Human & Sustainability
Raison d’être, meaning and vision
Empowerment, involvement and autonomy
Creativity, experimenting and entrepreneurship
Global approach of performance, continuous improvement and agility
Cooperation, sharing and networks
Co-design, co-design et co-decision (collective intelligence)
Respect, openness and diversity
Listening, feedback and challenge
Transparency, communication et ethics
Reinventing Organisations and Territories
Ubuntu is the essence of being human. It speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. A person with Ubuntu is known for his welcoming, hospitability, warmness and generosity, willingness to share. He's convinced that when you do well, it spreads out.

Such people are open and available to others, willing to be vulnerable, affirming of others, do not feel threatened that others are able and good, for they have a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that they belong in a greater whole.

They know that they are diminished when others are humiliated, diminished when others are oppressed, diminished when others are treated as if they were less than who they are.

The quality of Ubuntu gives people resilience, enabling them to survive and emerge still human despite all efforts to dehumanize them.

Desmond Tutu
Sustainability, Resilience &
Shared value creation
(Re)defining and implementing
management and leadership models
(empowerment, teamwork & collaboration, participation, initiative-taking, feedback culture, interpersonal communication,...) of your organisation with the help of workshops and adapted change programs (e.g. viral change)
Diagnosing and
assessing and improving managerial practices of individuals and teams
through diagnostic tools, individual and team coaching & professional codevelopment groups
Putting in place the
concept of relational management
, people development approach at 3 levels (relationships with the company, interpersonal relations, intrapersonal relations)
Implementing practices aiming at
leveraging collective intelligence and other co-decision/co-design/co-construction approaches
: art of hosting, holacracy / sociocracy, open space forums, world café, appreciative inquiry, large-group workshops methods,...
Setting up and developing teams
through specific activities : kick off meetings, team building, off site meetings and coaching
Developing /
strengthening collaborative work, teamwork
and remote work
Setting up and implementing
communities of practice and networks
Deploying a
creativity and innovation culture
Developing approaches about
participative innovation
(within organisation),
collaborative innovation
(with external stakeholders) and
open innovation
(beyond stakeholders) namely based on practical approaches like innovation challenges and "Innovation jams"
Setting up
intrapreneurship / entrepreneurship
(networks of candidates, ideas incubators, projects nurseries, Lean Startup,...)
The Human Element : Management, Teams & Ways of working
Designing and implementing
change approaches and processes adapted to various situations
: 8-steps Kotter model, viral change, kaizen, 5 steps of radical change,...
Supporting individuals and teams
in change situations namely through individual and team
and mentoring
9 cornerstones
At the heart of Metamorphosis' interventions
Sustainable Business models ?
Economically sustainable ecosystems with global positive impact
by combining approaches like industrial symbiosis, circular economy, upcycling, biomimicry, functional economy abd performance economy
Financially viable solutions targeting improvement of life conditions and reduction of poverty
through the development of hybrid value chains, social business, social entrepreneurship, frugal / Jugaad innovation, appropriate technologies, human-centered design
Approaches increasing the decentralisation and desintermediation of economy
through collaborative / sharing economy, contributive economy, open business models (open innovation, open collaboration), crowdsourcing / crowdfunding, complementary currencies,...
Leading Change
Lean & Business Excellence
12 Sustainability challenges
Access, for all, to
basic needs
(drinking water, energy, housing, healthcare)
Access, for all, to an
adequate, healthy and environmentally-friendly food production
achieved in

of products and services
Reduction of toxic and harmful substances
for people and environment
Development of
renewable and/or biosourced material
Reduction of consumption
of raw material, natural resources and scarce material
Protection and
restoration of natural ecosystems
and related services
Development of a
low carbon footprint society
Implementation of
fair business ecosystems
and supply chains that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable
Development of
financial and business channels favouring socially responsible investing and supporting systemic business ecosystems
acting for a positive and living economy et bringing answers to sustainability challenges
models that
regulate power
among people and favour the

active participation and contribution
of all to the construction of their present...and their future
What is the
raison d’être / mission
of our organisation ?
What are our strengths, our weaknesses, our opportunities, our threats ?
What is our
short-term / mid-term / long-term vision
to reach this vision ?
What must be put in place to ensure that the
strategy is actually executed
What are the most
suitable business models and operating models
What are the
differentiating value propositions
What kind of
performance management system
to implement so that short, mid and long term views are balanced ?
What does
strategic and operational excellence
mean for our organisation ?
What is a
Responsible Lean approach
What are the most
suitable Excellence / Lean approaches and methodologies
to address organisation's objectives challenges ?
How to implement an
Lean approach of continuous improvement that is sustainable and ingrained
at all levels of the organisation ?
organisation models, design principles and structures
to favour in order to reach strategic objectives and face today and tomorrow challenges ?
What are the
critical strategic and operational processes
of our organisation ? What is their maturity level ?
More specifically, how to
set robust knowledge and information management
processes ?
How do we
manage innovation
from ideation to product launch ?
governance processes
to drive the team ? The organisation ?
management and leadership practices
do you want to foster with your co-workers, within teams ?
How to establish
a workplace conducive to individual development
fair, fulfilling and respectful working relations
How to
strengthen collaborative and cooperative practices
within our teams ?
How to design and move forward
in an
efficient, constructive and participative way
by involving all stakeholders ?
How to put in place
collective intelligence and network practices
How to structurally set
entrepreneurship, creativity and open innovation
in our organisation ?
How does our organisation
identify and integrate material topics
re sustainability challenges ?
How to implement a
sustainability / social responsibility approach that is deeply rooted
within organisation's culture, that goes beyond fashionable, opportunistic and short-lived initiatives ?
How is
sustainability / social responsibility integrated in projects, products, services, operational processes, supply chain
How to develop
business solutions that support sustainable living in cities
and are accepted by citizens and local authorities ?
How to set up
businesses that "create shared value"
delivering both business value and societal benefit ?
How to set up
financially viable solutions targeting improvement of life conditions and reduction of poverty
through social business models, Jugaad innovation, appropriate technologies and/or human-centered design ?
How to
strengthen the resilience of territories
facing economical, environmental and social challenges ?
How to implement
financially sustainable ecosystems of economy
with positive impact by integrating circular economy, upcycling, industrial symbiosis, green chemistry, biomimicry and blue economy ?
What are the
key success factors of a change program ?
change strategy
to adopt ?
How to implement
long-lasting changes
that get buy-in of collaborators and partners ?
Which kind of (individual and/or team)
support to put in place
during change processes ?
Diagnosing and reporting the
global performance of your organisation
with the help of global standards like Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact, ISO / AFAQ 26000, AFNOR SD 21000, LUCIE label,...and set up related action plans
(Re)defining a
sustainable development / social responsibility strategy deeply anchored
in core activities of the organisation (vs a strategy positioned as an add-on) and
aligned on identified material topics re sustainability
Setting up a
concrete approach for "shared value" creation within the organisation
delivering both business value and societal benefits through redefining value chains, reconceiving products and services and/or strengthening local clusters
the help of
sustainability assessment grids
how sustainability is integrated
within projects, products, services, supply chains
Setting up
initiatives aiming at raising awareness about sustainability,
corporate social responsibility and shared value creation (workshops, forums, projects,...)
Putting in place
systemic initiatives aiming at strengthening the resilience of territories
: Local Agenda 21, Transition Initiative, Blue Economy, BALLE - Business Alliance for Living Local Economies
Designing a program for
developing sustainable living in cities
through innovative business solutions in close collaboration with citizens and local authorities
Exploring the
feasibility of
emerging sustainable business models
Intervention Principles
in close collaboration with customers
Ensure customer's
full autonomy
at the end of the intervention and ensure
project's continuity
collective intelligence
participative facilitation and group dynamics
systems thinking
and identification of
leverage points
of the system
Rely on
direct observations
with stakeholders
Learn by doing
and rely on what has been experienced to introduce new concepts
Support people and organisations in the
rise of their own dynamics and solutions
+32 475 85 86 06
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