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7ENY Wide Reading Term 2

No description

Nicole Liu

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of 7ENY Wide Reading Term 2

The article is talking about how the new budget frames that unemployed people should not seek their dream jobs but simply take any job that is available. This means that anyone unemployed may seek a job that they are able to do. Also under these new budget cuts, people up to 30 years old will have to wait six months before they get any dole benefits. After this young people have to work for the dole. This is stressing for young people as they can't pay for the rent as there is little jobs to do and that there is hardly anything they can do. Many people will have to work for the dole and work in random jobs such as cleaning or being housemaids etc.

This article is from the Sydney Morning Herald.
Poem: Unemployment
By: Mark Levine
Picture Book
When the little fairies are old enough they go out to find a job. The little fairy can't seem to find one as they are all taken. In the end she becomes the 'rainbow fairy'. This in our opinion is just to say that she couldn't find a job and created a new business.
By: Nicole Liu and Michelle Zhang
7ENY Wide Reading Term 2
Out of cash, out of well fitting trousers,
Out of soap and apples,
Out of pencils, out of my keeper's

I wish to set myself afire.
But may not. This morning
(Last night) in the common room,
I watched the administration
Of oxygen to one who had none

And I would not sit down, demanding
To do so.

Later I happened on a man
At the piano, and though I have happened five or six times,
On men at the piano,
None moved his hand like this
Within the keys,
I sat beside him, looking for a sound
A chest sound. Not listening; I don't listen
Anymore. I make music
But I don't listen
The poem- was written in the perspective of the unemployed person who cannot afford the basic necessities.

The picture book- is written in third person. While some of us are have grown up and do not read these kind of books anymore we do not realise that they have a deeper meaning.

The article- is from the Australian. It is written from the third person point of view. It tells us that unemployment can affect the economy as well.

We believe that the picture book is the most effective way because it delivers the message clearly and directly and both adults and mature children can understand it.

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