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No description

Kareena Bhatoey

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of MY POEMS

Table Of Contents
1. Acrostic Poems
Acrostic Poems
akes you feel different emotions
nexpected turns in beats and voices
imply beautiful

something people listen to to let loose
rystal clear tunes come to your mind when you like it
2. Alphabet Alliteration
3. Cinquain

4. Color poem
5.Concrete Poem
6. Creature Alliteration
7. Five Senses
8. Haiku
9. Who-What-When-Where-Why
10. I am Poem
11. Other Poems I Wrote
12. Poems I like By Other Writers
13. Self Reflections and critiques
My Theme:
pply thought to make music sound good
ecord music with a record label
alented people ranging from young to old
ntelligent minds collide to make the perfect song
ing and/or play an instrument
errifying performances can make then nervous
erious stage fright can ruin a career
tories about an aritst's life
pinions are based on either the song or the artist
ot everybody can make a good song
reat music videos can get that song more views
ome songs can have a really nice message in them
est beats are found in upbeat music
asy to make beats can be made on instruments
lways steady but not always simple
ype of headphones
ome beats are very complex
Amazing A
dele accepts an award for academics

Brilliant B
eyonce balances balloons on big bananas

Crazy C
her loyd crying while creating catastrophes in Canada
Demi Lovato dancing in Denmark while dreaming about dark dogs
Envious E
d Sheeran easily earning eggplants in England
Funky F
rank Ocean finding ferocious ferrets in forests
Generous G
wen Steffani guiding gerbils gently through ginormous gingerbread galaxies
Hairy H
ilary Duff hollering happily in her horrible hamsters hamster wheel
Intelligent I
yaz imagining while identifying his idols in Iraq
Joyful J
ustin Timberlake jabbing jars of jam in juvy
Kind K
areena Kneeling knavishly beside the king of kickboxing
Lovely L
ady Gaga leaping lazily while laughing in lakes

Mad M
adonna marrying many magenta monkeys

Nasty N
icky Minaj negotiating nervously while navigating her way out of New Jersey

Ordinary O
zzy Osbourne organizing old orders of ostrich

Playful P
sy partying while playing his pan flute in Pakistan

Quaint Q
ueen Latifa questioning her quiz on quantities quietly

Retro R
olling Stones rocking respectfully while rushing rapidly out of Russia

Stunning S
elena Gomez singing serious songs while setting up her stage

Truthful T
aylor Swift telling tales about trying the trumpet

Unique U
sher u-turning under unbelievable United States

Violent V
anessa Hudgens vandalizing very vague vegetables on vines

Wonderful W
hitney Houston waiting while wondering when whales would wave

Xenodochial X
ero X-raying xylan while playing the xylophone

Young Y
o Honey SIngh yelling at yellow yo-yos

Zany Z
iggy Marley zesting zucchinis zealously
Beautiful, Passion
Playing, Singing, Dancing
Music is my life
Melodic, Energizing
Rhyming, Singing, humming
Express yourself through songs
Passionate, Creative
Painters, Musicians, Dancers
True artists are amazing
Sharp, Graceful
Douge, Robot, Spin
Every body dance now
Blue is the colour of Morph butterflies in the sky
Blue is the colour of the oceans around the world
Blue is one of my favourite colours
Blue is a feeling I don't want to feel
Blue smells like a fresh blueberry muffin
Blue tastes like the raspberry slushy I drink on a hot summer day
Blue sounds like music that is very inspiring
Blue looks like the sky when I stare at it looking for clouds
Blue feels like the water on my face when I go to the beach
Blue makes me want to jump with joy
Blue is the colour of blue jays
Green is the colour of the endless forests
Green is the colour of leafs on new spring trees
Greeen is the colour of my face when feel sick
Green is the colour of broccoli
Green smells like the grass on the first day of spring
Green tastes like vegetables picked right from the garden
Green sounds like my neighbors gardening all day long
Green looks like the thorns on roses
Green feels like soft petals on flowers
Green makes me happy
Green is the colour of the outside of a watermelon
Concrete Poem
A Piano
makes me feel
like anyone could
be a musical genius
I tell more than a word. I create a story. Most of the stories have a meaning. I help people let their feelings out.
You can listen to all of your favourite music on me. I come in many colours and sizes. Whether you plug in headphones or not, you will always have fun with me.
A music note is more than just a piece of a song. Think of it right don't think of it wrong. If there was a song lyric for every note and the lyrics were "A day to remember" there would be 4 notes. If you took away a note the song would be missing a beat, this we know for sure. This is a problem many artists face.

Your choice in notes can
make or break a song in
this case.
They aren't "just notes"!!!!
This is a bloomiropian.
Bloomiropians live on blueberries buried in Bangledesh's biggest building.
Bloomiropians eat berries blooming on bushes and big bagels on bread sticks.
Bloomiropians like bathing in blue baking soda wearing blades.
Bloomiropians barely bluff but bake in bakeries
The Bloomiropians baked banana bread in my bread maker because 3 baby ruth bars weren't enough.

Music is a rainbow.
Music tastes like ice cream on a hot summer day.
Music sounds like well whatever you want it to but for me it sounds like my heart beat.
Music smells like hot chocolate on a cold winter day
Music looks like people uniting peacefully.
Music makes me feel like I can fly.
Microhones are shining silver.
Microphones taste like chocolate at its finest
Microphones sound like screams of excitement(AKA feedback)
Microphones smell like flowers on a late spring day
Microphones look like keys to new journeys that I could unlock
Microphones make me feel like nerves are rushing throughout my body
Music is my life.
I like to play piano.
I'll love it forever.

I like singing songs.
Songs have great patterns and tunes
Songs are really great.
Acoustic guitars
sound nice when more than one are
played at one time
Pianos have many keys
When played together in the
right way, they sound nice
Five Senses Poem
Five Senses Poem
"Sunny View Idol"
Who: Kareena
What: won Sunny View idol
When: on Friday, June 21, 2013
Where:at Sunny View Middle School
Why: because she is good at singing
Who: Kareena
What: performed
When: on November 24, 2013
Where: at Payal Banquet hall
Why: to entertain people
"Mayfield Auditions"
Who: Kareena
What: is going to auditions
When: next year
Where: at Mayfield Secondary School
Why: to further enhance her singing
"The Band"
Who: The Sunny View band
What:Practices every day
When: in the morning
Where: in Mr. Ogrodnik's room
Why: to improve the way we play our instruments
Who-What-When-Where-Why Poem
Agonizing accordions allow airplanes to accomplish anything
Bewildered banjos beat bears in battles for berries
Confused chimes carefully constructed carts carrying candy
Discreet drums dreadfully dug deep holes disastrously
Entertaining electric guitar enthusiastically encouraged education
Fierce flutes fly fearlessly while frying fantastic food
Grotesque gongs gratefully guarantee guidance greedily
Hysterical harmonicas hopelessly hover over hyper horses
Invincible Irish bouzouki irritably invade imaginary islands
Jittery Japanese bamboo flutes judgementally juggle jolly jellyfish
Knoledgeable keyed trumpet keenly kissed kindhearted kittens
Lyral lutes lie while laughing at little ladybugs
Motionless maracas mysteriously made meaningful money
Noisy nose flute never negotiated nicely with nasty nuts
Open oboes oddly overcame its outrageous objections on oatmeal
Parismonious piccolos picked a peck of peppers positively
Quirky quena's quickly questions the quiet queen
Redundant recorders recruit red raspberries for ridiculous revenge
Silky saxophone speak only about super sour skittles
Typical tubas turn towards trumpet instead of triangles
Unhealthy ukeleles ultimately upgrade unsightly underwear
Victorious violins visit verginia while vanishing vaguely
Wretched washboards win a war against wonderful writers
Xenophobic xylophones express how expensive exercising can be
Youthful yodelers yearly yell about yellow yarn
Zealous zither zestfully zooms with zebras
Red is the colour of my face when I am embarrassed
Red is my favourite colour
Red is the colour of the cross on the first aid sign
Red is the colour of really juicy apples
Red smells like the sweet roses in summer
Red tastes like my favourite kind of skittles
Red sounds like Tayor swift pouring her heart out in to one abum
Red looks like the shirt I regret not buying
Red feels like the silk of flower petals right after they bloom
Red makes me feel like vomiting when it is in the form of blood
Red is the colour of my comfy house
Orange is the colour of my favourite kind of pop
Orange is the colour I think when I hear summer
Orange is the colour of my warm family room
Orange is the colour of the strips on my pants
Orange smells like the citrus from oranges
Orange tastes like the cold peach juice I ddrink on a hot summer day
Orange sounds like the fire crackiling on a winter day
Orange looks like the powder thrown on Holi
Orange makes me feel happy because it remind me of my best friend
Orange is my best friend's favourite colour
This is a rosetarian.
A rosetarian lives in reflective, red and rich roses.
A rosetarian rapidly eats rarely ready rats and rabbits.
A rosetarian likes R and B records and rcing racoons.
A rosetarian can make a rack of rasins while rescuing radioactive rag dolls.
My rosetarian races my rabbt but it rained so they rested in the rabbit hole.
This is a Saparian.
Saparians live on super satisfying stationary snow shoes.
Saparians eat squishy squirrells, shampoo and serious seagulls.
Saparians like sad songs about selfish sea stars.
Saparians can sig simple songs in Spanish and Swiss.
My Saparian said surfing in South America is just as fun as skiing in Sweden.
This is a Tamerian.
Tamerians live on the tallest tower in tidy Toronto.
Tamerians eat tortillas with tempting tasty tomatoes.
Tamerians like to tee off near toillets in Tokyo.
Tamerians can tickle with their toes and tips of tooth brushes.
My Tamerian thought my triangle was a tortilla and too it to Tokyo.
Guitars are wood coloured.
Guitars taste like sap from the nicest maple trees.
Guitars sound like a warm breeze on your face.
Guitars smell like cabins near the beach.
Guitars look like people on their porch doing nothing but playing.
Guitars make me feel like I can make a hit song any day.
Room 106 is painted white, but is full of colourful personalities.
Room 106 tatses like skittles, sometimes sour, sometimes sweet.
Room 106 sounds like young artists preparing for the musical ourney they have ahead of them.
Room 106 smells like perspiration from hard work.
Room 106 looks like a family working together to creat music.
Room 106 makes me feel bulletproof.
Other Poems I Wrote.....
Music is my life.
I especially love to vocalize.
I really hope that soon my music will be advertised.
When I perform on stage I get butterflies.
I really like to visualize,
people who don't criticize.

I imagine clear skies,
on my journey, while my goals intensify
Even just one chance satisfies
For then my opportunity will maximize.
Any mistake can jeopardize
what would be great, is any advice.

I love being in band.
Everyday is just so grand,
With Mr. Ogrodnik in command.
Our music is never canned
And that's why I love being in band.

The band feels like home.
A place that I've always known.
Standing there holding the microphone,
makes me nervous for reasons unknown,
although it gives me a good feeling in my bones.
That's why I love being in band.
When music sounds, gone is the earth I know,
And all her lovely things even lovelier grow;
Her flowers in vision flame, her forest trees
Lift burdened branches, stilled with ecstasies.

When music sounds, out of the water rise
Naiads whose beauty dims my waking eyes,
Rapt in strange dreams burns each enchanted face,
With solemn echoing stirs their dwelling-place.

When music sounds, all that I was I am
Ere to this haunt of brooding dust I came;
And from Time's woods break into distant song
The swift-winged hours, as I hasten along.
Poems I Like By Other Authors
My soul within grows sick and faint
Without thy vital air;
Thou aidst its upper, higher flight
The richer joys to share.

Satan assumes thy angel robes
At times to allure astray,
Defiles their snowy purity
With stains of earth's vile clay.

But thy true spirit is to aid
The heart to nobler deeds,
Cheering its failing strength until
It finally succeeds.

Thus thy mission ever is
To uphold, to elevate,
To assist the earth-bound, struggling soul
To attain the higher state.

Where thy full swelling strains shall rise
In sweetest melody,
Filling heaven's vaulted arch above
With throbbing harmony.
Title: Music
Author: Watie W. Swanzy

I hear the music
The music is playing
The music is soft
The music is now fading
The music is gone
Which means no life
The music is beginning
I have a life
The music is pretty
The music is wonderful
Oh no
The music is fading again
The music is gone
Good bye music
Title: Music
Author: Walter De La Mare
The title of this poem is "Music". It is an appropriate title because this poem is about the beauty of music.
Does the poem have a title?
Who is the narrator?
The narrator of this poem is the author. The poem is only telling
opinion on music. He is explicit. He does not say that he really enjoys music, but while reading between the lines, you can get the impression that he does.
What is the mood of this poem?
This poem is quite joyous. While the poem is joyous, we do not know whether or not the author was content will writing this poem. He could be writing these true emotions while he was really upset or while he was angry. Creativity can come to you at any time. I could feel the emotion of joy throughout this whole poem.
Can the poem be divided into sections?
This poem is divided in to three sections (stanzas), each occurring whenever the author has written "When music sounds". This is a good way to lead the reader to the meaning or main idea of the poem. The author has done a good job of binding the two paragraphs and making them flow.
What tense does the narrator employ?
In most of this poem, the tense is not specified. When we get to the 3rd paragraph the author has written "When music sounds, all that I was I am". Since the author has said "I am" it tells us the author has written it in present tense.
How do the poems content, structure, style and poet effects combine to create the meaning of the poem?
There are many great poetic effects in this poem, but my favourite is the
emotion. The emotion is so rich and pure it is as if the poet is looking up every word in the dictionary to make it the best it can be. It takes a true poet to use million dollar words that flow throughout his or her whole poem.
What are the themes of this poem?
The theme of this poem is music. Not only music though. It is a poem written from the heart of the poet expressing how passionate she is about music.
Does the poem have an assumed
I believe this poem is mainly targeted to adults who are interested in music or have a passion for it like the author. This poem should also try being targeted to kids who have charisma and who think they have a future in music. As some people say, the kids are our future.
What is the implied world outside of the poem?
I think that before this poem was written, the author had experienced something really emotional. The way the author has written this poem makes me feel like a burst of emotion or passion was flowing through her at the time she was writing it.
Self Reflection
This assignment was a great opportunity to explore my poetic side. I found it was helpful that it was an independent assignment. It's easier to work without depending on other people. It was fun writing poems that rhymed. In my opinion the hardest poems to write alliteration poems. They were the ones I worked hardest on and that I put the most thought in to. What I disliked the most about this unit was how may poems we had to do. It took a long time to do the whole assignment. My favourite poems were the other poems I wrote because i got to use whatever words I wanted and there were no rules other than the poems had to rhyme. My least favourite poem was the creature and alphabet alliteration poems because they took up most of my time. My opinion of poetry has changed greatly.
I used to not really know much about it, but now I realized it is just like writing songs and music is my passion so it really opened up a new world of music I never knew about before. This unit has really helped me with rhyming and my million dollar words. I truly opened up my eyes and now there is another aspect to becoming an artist that I can explore and that is songwriting, also known as poetry. I really hope we can do more assignments like this because it was a good experience. Some of the poems were challenging, but not one of them didn't help me with becoming a better musician and a better writer. My class did this assignment last year and looking back at my old work, I believe I have improved a lot. This is thanks to the great writing assignments you give us. I really enjoyed this and I hope we keep doing some sort of poetry.
Does this poem have a title?
Yes this poem does have a title. The title of this poem is "Music". By, making this the title I think that the author is telling you what the poem is about but at the same time isn't going in to extreme details.
What is the mood of this poem?
The mood of this poem is serious. This mood is definitely consistent throughout the whole poem. This poem is about how music takes you deep into your soul and it really puts you in a serious yet peaceful position.
Does the poem have a rhyme scheme?
Yes, this poem does have a rhyme scheme. Each line doesn't rhyme, but every other line rhymes. It is an A, B, A , B pattern.
Title: Music
Author: Kathryn Thompson
What is the setting of this poem?
The setting of this poem could be on a stage, in a classroom, on the street. e.t.c. It is not clearly stated in this poem.
Who is the narrator?
The narrator of this poem can be anyone who is deeply in love with music and can't live without it. The narrator in explicit. She does not say she loves music but the way she has written the poem, you can tell she truly does.
Does the poem have a rhyme scheme?
No this poem does not have a rhyme scheme what so ever.
Who is the audience of this poem?
This poem doesn't really an audience. It is more of a poem that someone would say to themselves in there head.
What is the theme of the poem?
The theme of this poem is definitely music. It is pretty obvious because the person is saying that MUSIC is giving them life, just like me!
I am Poem
I am musical and creative
I wonder if I am going to make it
I hear the springs flowing mountainside
I see the long gone natives
I want my music to be heard world wide
I am musical and creative

I pretend I sing where people are appreciative
I feel like playing with my Pegasus outside
I touch things grown in an Oasis
I worry about people committing suicide
I cry when people segregate between races
I am musical and creative

I understand I might not go all places
I say try to be motivated
I dream seeing many familiar faces
I try to stay poetic
I hope I remembered all my upper cases
I am musical and creative:)
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