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Media Convergence

No description

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Media Convergence

Audiences in the past have always been on the receiving end of broadcast media
"In the broadcast media paradigm, there is a clear distinction between the producer and the audience" - (G. Meikle - pg.104)
However this is no longer the case, and phenomena such as the Google earth tour have blurred the distinctions between producers and the audience.
The change to from static web pages to dynamic user generated content on Web 2.0 has allowed audiences to become more active and critical of things they see on the internet
This is evident especially with the rise of social networking
(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc...)
As an audience we now have the ability to access more kinds of material and shape it to our own needs
"We now have to recognize audiences as creative, rather than faceless blobs, sprawled on the couch"
(G. Meikle - Pg.104)
We can remix, remake and reimagine digital media texts. We can collaborate all of the above and share what we've found or made.
"Much of our activity in the convergent media environment seems a long way from the conception of the audience as spectator or listener"
(G. Meikle - Pg. 110)
We are now 'the people formally known as the audience' and as a collective we are all in some way...
Unlike todays society, these people didn't have interactive television
Peoples music can now be uploaded for people to listen anywhere in the world, instantly.
Photographs can be shared and modified.
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