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No description

Maliyah Cullars

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Baby

Cost of Reality:
Having a Baby

Finding Out
1st Trimester
3rd Trimester
First 4 Months
Months 4-8
Months 8-12
Prenatal Vitamins
Pre-Natal Care MultiVitamin (144 capsules) quantity 2 at $13.99 each; Total: $27.98
Arranging your first appointment!
Every 4-6 weeks; Total (with insurance): $15/appointment each Total (without insurance): $80/appointment
Maternity Clothes
Nursing bra $23 quantity 4 Total: $92
Maternity pants $12 quantity 5 Total: $60
Shirts $10 quantity 8 Total: $80
A healthy, balanced diet will make sure that you get all the nutrients you and your developing baby need.
Not a time to skip on food or count your calories general recommendation=300 extra calories
Start putting aside money for baby's expenses
The side affects are:
Bouts of nausea
Tender/Swollen breasts
Increased urination
Heartburn/ constipation
2nd Trimester
Pregnancy test $8-$20
Preparing for what is ahead...
Parental Education
Birthing Classes $23/session for minimum of 8 sessions Total: (at least) $184
CPR and First Aid Instruction: $30-50
Increases in appetite
Buy more maternity clothes (ranging from $10-$40 per piece of clothing)
More Prenatal Checkups
Every 4-6 weeks; Total (with insurance): $15/appointment each Total (without insurance): $80/appointment
Start Preparing Nursery
4-in-1 Fixed Side Crib, Changing Table and Clothing Organizer $279.00
Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Multi-Use Car Seat $139
Disney Baby - Mickey Best Friends 3pc Crib Bedding Collection $42.00
Pregnancy symptoms
Main sign = missing your period
fatigue, nausea, mood swings, hormonal changes, headaches, heartburn, weight gain/loss
Maternity Leave
this results in a loss of much needed income
even though you are provided with time off to care for your child, you still need to afford your expenses for you and your child
Baby Products
1. Formula
Cost: $60 to $100 per month
Breast Pump: $100-$200
Breastfeed for as long as you can. If you're not breastfeeding, stick with powdered formula, which costs less than ready-to-use or liquid concentrate.
Cost: $60 to $85 per month for disposable diapers
Using cloth diapers and washing them yourself is making a comeback with many budget-minded parents.
3. Childcare
Cost: varies from family to family. Babysitters charge 10 to 15 an hour and daycare averages $1,000 a month
4. Gear
Cost: varies. everything could cost up to about 200 dollars a month
5. Clothes
Cost: $20 to $50 per month
Many first-time parents find they receive enough gifts to keep their baby clothed for the first few months.
6. Entertainment including Toys, books, and DVDs
Cost: $20 to $40 per month
If you have a straightforward natural birth, you and your baby could be at home within hours
If you have a caesarean, you can normally expect to stay in hospital for three days to four days
A longer stay is only necessary if there are complications
70% of births are natural, 30% are caesarean

Baby Proofing
DreamBaby Extra Tall Swing Close Hallway Gate $111.80
Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard (12ft) $35.43
Magnetic Cabinet Locks (9-piece set) $22.97
Mommy's Helper Toilet Lid Lock $5.62
Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs (36 pack) $16.90
Levana Lila Digital Baby Monitor $89.97
Prenatal Checkups
every 2 to 3 weeks; (with insurance): $15/appointment (without insurance): $80/appointment
Prenatal care average cost overall is about $2,000
Ultrasound fees will cost about $500
Health Insurance:
Natural: $9,000-$17,000
Health Insurance:
Caesarean: $14,000-$25,000
With health insurance ranges from $500-$3,000 out of pocket (:
Baby delivery is usually covered by most health insurance plans
Cons and Sacrifices
Reduces chances of earning a high school and/or college diploma
More than 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school
80% of unmarried teen mothers end up on welfare
About 25% of teen mothers have a second child within 24 months of the first birth
Children of teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely and at low birth weight, which raises the chances of blindness, deafness, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities
Miss out on being a teenager and making unforgettable memories
More than 50% of women use epidural during labor
A "Tray, Anes Epideral" costs $530.09
By: Maliyah Cullars, Alyssa Rosse, Unique Mata, Kevin Masso, and Andrew Murray
Total Expenses
Costs of later months will be less expensive because you won't need to buy new big ticket items (i.e. crib, car seat, stroller etc.)
Still need to buy diapers and clothing because baby is growing in size
At 5 months he's starting to eat solids
New foods= more MONEY $$
Two other common problems at this age, eczema and food allergies
This could result in visits to the pediatrician/medication = more MONEY $$$
At 8 months somebody's going to be CRAWLING himself into some trouble, better get your running shoes on
injuries might result in unwanted expenses
At this period of your baby's development he or she will be able to start eating all the basic fruit, vegetable, meat, and grain/cereal products
This means more time preparing meals and more $
Your baby at this time will also gain the strength to stand on its own and even take a few steps with the help of you or any near by furniture
Be cautious a baby at this age has little balance and is easily knocked over
Make sure corners are padded and other hazardous things are out of reach
Same monthly expenses (diapers, food, daycare, etc)

Prenatal Total
1st Trimester = $394.98
2nd Trimester = $889.00
3rd Trimester = $522.69
Birth Total = $3530.09
Months 1-4 Total = $5,595
Months 5-8 Total = $4,660
Months 9-12 Total = $4960
$20, 551.76

In order to pay for a pregnancy and having a baby for one year, making $15/hr, you would have to work 1,367 hours.
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