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A Room of One's Own

No description

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of A Room of One's Own

Is this still true
Why are women more interesting than men?
This also captured our attention!
A Room of One's Own - Ch. 2
We conducted a random survey of 30 individuals (15 female and 15 male) who are Freshman students in MadLor
Woolf notices that the majority of books she finds in the British museum are books written about women by men, as opposed to books written about men by women.
What captures Woolf's attention?
Bobbi, Elizabeth, Alex, Beth
Females that follow primarily females -

Females that follow primarily males -
Males that follow primarily males -

Males that follow primarily females -

Why are men SO interested in women?

* Men have a high sex drive and according to WebMD men think about sex at least once a day
Why are women SO interested in women?
* competition?

How does Woolf Answer this question?
Do you think Women are more interesting?
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