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My Life in the Year 2035

No description

Caleb Patterson

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of My Life in the Year 2035

What Will I Be Doing?
Nothing because I'm a billionaire
Larry Ellison is my long lost father
He gave me most of the shares to Oracle Corporation
He still works as the CEO of Oracle
What Will I Like To Do?
Stay at my huge house and do nothing
I will have the 22 best soccer players in the world come to my house and have them go head to head
Key and Peele will be over at my house all the time
The Buffalo Sabres will want my advice on how not to suck
Will I Have a Family?
Hope to have a wife
No more than 2 kids
Where Will I Live?
Redwood City, California
What Will My House Be Like?
It will
soccer field
Basketball/ Volleyball Court
Football Field
Baseball field
Tennis Courts
6 stories w/elevator
7 Bathrooms
15 Bedrooms
3 Pools
2 Hot tubs
30 90" screen T.V.s
My Life in the Year 2035
By:Caleb Patterson
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