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Internship Project Plan

No description

galuh adika

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Internship Project Plan

Galuh Adika Alifani
(Intern Candidate) 7marketz Internship Project Plan Project Strategy Approach
Project Assumptions
Project objective & purpose
Project Scope
Estimated Budget
Work Breakdown Structure
Issue Management
Communication Methodology Overview PROJECT GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Enhance 7marketz’s business development through digital marketing communications and advertising activities

Engage customer and public awareness of 7marketz company as a marketing consultancy company

Reach people globally using social media channels SCOPE Scope of the Project, includes : ESTIMATED BUDGET RESOURCES Provided by the project participant (the Intern) CONSTRAINS
ISSUE MANAGEMENT Project funding sources are limited, not yet approved, and not yet fixed.

As marketing targets changed due to time & situation, marketing activities will yet follow the change

Any kind of digital technology disruptions

Ineffective advertising budgets (not reaching the targeted audiences) Assumptions Purpose of Plan Provide definition of the project, including : The purposed marketing activities raised by the Intern The budget estimation purposed for the project.
The project’s goals and objectives Project Assumptions

The following assumptions of 7marketz were made in preparing the Project Plan: Already own organizational structure : CEO, several number or single board of directors, managers, and division staffs Does not have websites in any form yet Does not have social medias for itself yet Does not have designers for its own Does not yet have online activities regarding customer brand awareness enhancement Project Strategy Approach Adaptive This project allows flexibility in the structure of it.

This project would be difficult to allow strict timeline or time and order, step-structured work breakdowns

This project is likely going to have a series of smaller goals all leading to the final goal with flexibility and adaptability to the activities involved.

They can be moved and adjusted as needed. Items beyond Project (out of scope) :  Online Social Media Marketing
 Online article/blogging publications
 Website enhancement
 Online promotion activities
 Online personal approach activities
 Indirect designing  Direct designing
 Offline marketing activities
 Offline marketing kit
 Direct consultancy services
 Internal business files (proposals, reports, etc.) Activities Cost (3 Months) Build temporary website – Joomla or Wix Advertising through facebook Enhancing twitter account’s performance Advertising through twitter Online banners and promotional kits (designers fee) Google AdWords TOTAL € 20 € 60 € 20 € 40 € 60 € 50 € 250 Provided by the project’s host (7Marketz) • Personal Computer and other online platforms needed
• Internet connection
• Electricity Resources • Any kind of marketing tools and marketing kits of the
• Budget and funding The decision by which to make modifications to the Project Plan should be coordinated among the company to intern personal communications. Communications Methodology COMMUNICATION PLAN The communications methodology of this project approaches the corporate culture of the host company Therefore, it utilizes both type of communication method: Top-Down :
The executive leadership of the organization needs to speak the detailed company goal and give certain guidelines about the project and what it holds for the intern.

Bottom-Up :
The participant of the project, which is the intern, needs to give initiatives and personal proposals of the stated activities in online marketing with the in-line budgeting which also holds bottom-up method.
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